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Check the Time in Australia

What is the time in Australia right now?

Australia has 3 main time zones. The Western Standard time UTC +8.00 which is Western Australia. The Central Standard UTC 9.30 and the Eastern Standard which is UTC +10 hours.

With the exception of Adelaide which is half an hour behind Melbourne and Sydney. To get an idea of what’s the current time is in Australia, take a look at the live time boxes here below.

The Summer Daylight Saving Time is not applied in all Australian States and Territories. So beware when you plan your travels.

W.A. and Queensland do not have daylight saving and it will be a bit complicated, especially when travelling intrastate. Make sure you know the right time on your schedule.

The clocks adjust automatically so that you always see the current time in Australia and the relevant time zone.


Time in Sydney

Time in Melbourne

Time in Perth

Time in Adelaide

Time in Darwin

Time in Cairns