A taste of Australian Wildflowers Kings Park Perth

Australian wildflowers are unique. You can find over 25 thousands species of plants. Western Australia is home to almost half of all Australian wildflowers, and they truly represent one of their most precious natural treasures. Western Australia wildflowers‘ season attracts every year thousands of visitors from all over the world.

If you travel to South Western Australia, you will be witnessing a fascinating wildflower landscape from South to North.  The top place to start with is Perth Trip.

Number one among the iconic Perth attractions from which you can not only see some unique wildflowers and tropical plants of the world but also enjoy a gorgeous view of Perth city.

The botanic garden in Kings Park offers a variety of free guided-tours that will show you spectacular Western Australia’s wildflowers as well as the evolution of these plants and the impact they had in Aboriginals’ life.

I do not think many words are necessary to explain the beauty of the unique Australian wildflowers. Let’s take a look at some pictures here below.

The best Australian Wildflowers in Kings Park Perth

Banksias are iconic wildflowers of Australia and can be found in many colours and shapes. Here below the most common yellow-orange banksias.


These are the woody old flower spikes from Banksia also called cones. They look very creative and can be used as decoration.


Kings Park Perth is one of the most amazing city parks I have ever seen. These below are just a few examples of Australian wildflowers you can see there.

If you are interested in Western Australia’s wildflowers and want to know where you can see them, click on this link to learn more about the wildflower season, the wildflower walking trails and all major wildflowers events in Western Australia.


Another great site on Australian Wildflowers is the Wildflower Society of Western Australia.

Kings Park Wildflowers in September

If you have any tips or suggestions about destinations in for experiencing the Australian Wildflowers add your comments here below!

Want to learn more about wildflowers of Australia

The best places to see wildflowers of Australia is Western Australia and South Australia. I have seen many beautiful wildflowers are to be seen in Western Australia, in South Australia and Outback and National Park areas. Here are some articles about the beautiful vegetation of Australia.

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Australian Wildflowers Kings Park Perth