Australia Budget Travel Tips

Australia Budget Travel Tips to help you save Money your Trip

Australia is one of the most desired travel destinations not only among the younger generation. Also pensioners, families and middle aged solo travellers on career breaks haveBudget Travel Tips Australia on their wish list. These Budget Travel Tips help you make the trip of a lifetime come true.

Money is the common denomimator that prevent many people from actively crafting their trip, in first place. Let’s face it. Australia is not a cheap destination. On the contrary it is an expensive destination, but on the other hand, it offers high quality and unique travel experience.

If you want to make the most of your Australia Travel Experience you need to know how to save money and how.  It is definitely possible to travel Australia on a budget and there are many ways to do it. All what you need to do is to plan your trip wisely. The first step towards the realization of this trip is by constantly saving money on all your expenses.

7 cost-effective Budget Travel Tips for Australia

On this post you get the best Budget Travel Tips that will show you how to save money on your Australia travel.

There are ways that will help save hundreds of Dollars/Euros. By learning how to plan your trip thoroughly, you will save money without affecting the quality of your travel, which is the first golden rule.  From how to book your flight, to choosing the type of transportation and accommodation in this post you find a recap of the golden rules for travelling Australia on a budget without affecting the quality of travel.

Everyone can acquire this knowledge that ultimately will allow you to cut on trip expenses and at the same time open up new ways of travelling, and maybe a more personal and rewarding way of discovering Australia.

Budget Travel Tips to help you on the Australia trip

Let’s start from the trip planning. It is crucial to understand that for travelling Australia in an affordable way you need a well thought-out travel plan, that must match your travel style, personal needs and interests. Especially if you travel Australia for the first time, planning ahead will provide you with the necessary knowledge and insights for choosing the right itinerary. Here below my best 7 tips to save money on your Australia trip:

  • How to save money on your Flight to Australia 

    If you want to get a good flight deal to Australia you need to start your research in advance and use good comparison sites, like Skyscanner, Kayak, momondo etc. Then drill down and use the airline websites for getting their deals, subscribe to their newsletter and book your flight 4-12 months ahead according to the time of the year you are flying. You can use frequently flyers cards, in some countries you can subscribe for more than one card, and gain miles/bonus without even have to use them.  A flight from Europe will cost average 1000Euro during off season. On this page you can check out how to start searching for cheap flight to Australia.

  • Travel Off Season will save you money

    This also makes a huge difference, if you travel during Christmas Holidays it is obvious that your trip will cost you considerably more than travelling off season. When is it “off season” for Australia? March-May and October-November are better months to travel Australia if you want to avoid higher rates during Summer Dec-Feb in the south and June-August in the North Tropical areas. More info about when and how to travel Australia.

  • Choose wisely your accommodation

    Instead of booking yourself into Standard hotels and B&B there are good alternatives to stay in private homes, or rent a flat, or stay in hostels, if you are prepared to share your room, or you can even sleep for free by subscribing to site like couchsurfing or hospitaliyclub to name a few. I love hostels, but unfourtunately only few hostels are able to keep up with quality standards, so be careful to choose high class hostels. A good alternative to hostels can be renting a room in private homes, with lower rates than common B&B . Besides that you have the chance of getting acquainted with the locals and making friends too! On this page you find the accommodation resources I use for my travels in Australia.

  • Go Camping

    This is probably by far the best way to save money altogether, by camping you will be saving money on accommdation, on transportation and on food too. Australia is in my opinion a great country for camping, given the long driving distances it offers excellent routes and lanscape for long term camping too. There are all types of camping facilities throughout the country from very basic to the most sophisticated camping sites. Camping is a great choice for families and for small groups. On this page you find a great comparison site for hiring campervan in Australia.

  • Book early domestic flights,  get Bus Passes or Rail Passes

    Especially if you are plannign to travel solo, a railpass or a bus pass is the best way to save on transportation. Transportation will make at least 1/3 of your expenses in Australia, it is a huge country and getting around is expensive!  If you like travelling by car, then I would either look for a travel companion or join a small group. Travellers forums, like Gumtree, offer this free service and you can also check out the boards in hostels. For finding the best domestic flight deals in Australia click HERE.

  • Cook your meals instead of eating out

    Eating out in restaurants is expensive in Australia, so a good way of saving money is buying food and cooking at home. Everywhere in Australia there are good local markets where you can get fresh fruits and veggies as well as organic products locally produced. But where can you get home cooked meals in Australia? This depends on where you stay, you can rent a home/flat or rent a room in a private home where you will be allowed to use the kitchen.  Also good hostels offer good kitchen facilities but they tend to be very busy.

  • Get a Travel Saver Card

    A Travel Saver Card will save you money on transportation, accommodation, tours, restaurants and more services. It is definitely a good choice especially if you are planning to travel around Australia for a  few months. On this page you can learn more about the travel saver card I use in my  travels.

As you can see these[do action=”bold-blue”]7 australia budget travel tips[/do] are the cornerstones to help you travel Australia in an affordable way. By tweaking them and testing them out  you will find out what works for you and what does not, you will learn how to build the trip that matches completely your travel style, your personality, and your budget.

But if you feel overwhelmed with it and would like me to help out with your australia trip planning, I can offer you my personalized trip planning services.

If you have any Australia budget travel tips that you want to share with us, you can leave your comment here below!