9 Australia’s Big Things you must see on in Oz

Australia is a BIG country, home to unique landscapes but also to quirky Australia’s Big Things. While travelling around Australia you will bump into iconic Big Things that stand out like huge monuments in its amazing natural landscape.

Big Barramundi Daintree Forest

What are Australia’s Big Things ?

Australia Big Things are man-made structures, several meters high and long. They are made of different materials, like metal, steel, wood, concrete. They feature iconic landmarks such as tropical fruits, australian native animals, wildlife, Australian birds, fish, as well as cultural icons and anything Aussie.

Australia Big Things can be encountered everywhere in the country. They are usually located by the side of major roads, at service stations, some are weirdly placed on top of buildings like tourist information centres, and within national parks.

There are about 150 Australia’s BIG things scattered all over the country. Queensland and New South Wales are the 2 states that top the list with 100 Australia’s BIG things.

From year to year Australia Big Things are becoming more popular. In fact many Australian towns and villages strive to build their own BIG thing and make it into a tourist attraction. So it ‘s not unsual for locals and visitors to go on aย  road trip to seeย Big Things of Australia.

The big Bull in Rockhampton

There are more than half dozen of these Big Bulls in Rockhampton, standing on top of huge pillars at the entrance into the city. Five of the these bulls were created by sculptor Hugh Anderson and are the icon of Rockhampton in Queensland.

Iconic Big Bull Rockhampton Queensland

On my solo travels in Australia I came across a few big things of Australia. I was not aware that there were so many of them and still have lots of Big Things to see.

A list of quirky Big Things of Australia

The Big Lobster or “Larry the Lobster”

[do action=”bold-blue”]The Big Lobster is one of the earliest Big Things built in Australia[/do] and the first Big Thing I saw in 2004 on my trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. The Big Lobster is located in Kingston Port, about 300km south of Adelaide. This giant red lobster was built by Paul Kelly on the idea of a local fisherman. The construction is the pride for the local Rock Lobster fishery. In the Big Lobster there is an eatery complex where you can have great fresh lobster meals. The big lobster is really an impressive and artistic big thing and a bit scary if you see it at night! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Big Lobster in Kingston, South AustraliaPhoto Credit by Flickr Avlxyz

The Big Rocking Horse

[do action=”bold-blue”]The Big Rocking Horse[/do] can be seen in South Australia, in Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills. The Big Rocking Horse is part of larger complex including a wildlife park and the famous wooden toy factory, a shop where you can buy beautiful toys and have a cafe. You can climb the rocking horse for a small fee and of course use it as backdrop for your photos from 3 different viewing platforms. It’s made of steel and is 18meters high weight 25 tons.

The Big Rocking Horse, in Gumeracha, SAPhoto Credit via Flickr Helen K

The Big Merino

[do action=”bold-blue”]The Big Merino[/do] is Big Ram statue standing 15 meters high and 18 meters long with a weight of 97tons. It was built in 1985, made with steel frame and shaped with wire mesh and covered with concrete. This stunning Big Merino has become a monument to Goulburn and its wool industry. The structure house a gift shop and a permanent Australia Wool Exhibition showcasing 200 years ofย  Wool History in Australia. The shop sells fine australian merino wool products including the Australian Ugg Boots. This was the last encounter in my Australian Solo Adventure last year.

Big Things Australia - The Big Merino

The Big Pineapple

[do action=”bold-blue”]The Big Pineapple is a heritage-listed Big Aussie Icon[/do] located in Woombye, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. It was first built in 1971, after a burn down was rebuilt in 1978. It was owned by different operators. Thanks to a cleanup work in 2011 the Big Pineapple was restored with the aim of re-launching the plantations area and invigorating the an agri-tourism area.

The Big PineapplePhoto Credit via Flickr Kabl1992

The Big Kookaburra

[do action=”bold-blue”]This Big Kookaburra[/do] was built in 2009 by the artist Chris Fussel and is located in the Rotary Park of the Hunter Valley little township of Kurri Kurri. The sculpture is 4,5meters high and is made from a variety of materials including car bonnets. The Kookaburra is the icon of Kurri Kurri being the logo for the Golf Club, the Business Chamber, local producers and sporting teams too.

The Big Kookakurra in Kurri Kurri, NSWPhoto Credit via Flickr by Pat.Bluey

The Big Ned Kelly in Glenrowan

This big statue is a tribute to the bushranger Ned Kelly who was and still is a legendary and cultural figure in the Australian bushranger history. He was known as “Kelly and his gang”. It is still celebrated by some as the equivalent of Robin Hood, while others regard him as a villain and a murderer.

The Big Ned Kelly Glenrowan Big Things of Australia

There are 150 Big Things of Australia, amazing big sculptures worth seeing. From Big Crocs, Big Chicken to Big Beer Can, Big Trucks and Big Gumboot, and many more, you have a diverse pool to discover on your travels in Australia. It is indeed a funny way of learning about the beauty of the landscape along with the quirky Australian Culture.

If you have seen any of Australia’s Big things, please share them with us here below. Thanks!

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Australia's Big Things

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