Ideas for travelling Western Australia

Tips and ideas for travelling Western Australia

Are you thinking of travelling to Western Australia for the first time? Usually, the majority of people tend to visit first the Eastern and the southern part of the continent and eventually travel to Western Australia, but there is no reason why you should not start from Western Australia.

It all depends what you want to see and what your priorities are, if you plan to visit friends or family in Perth then I would definitely suggest spending a few weeks there and explore Perth city its beautiful Kings Park and down south the West Coast.

There is so much to see there from the north to the south.

Travelling Western Australia

Western Australia is very much different from the rest of the continent. First of all it is far less visited by tourists. The locals live concentrated in Perth and along the south-east coast.

On the northbound of Perth, the population is sparse, if you think that this area stretch for over 1000 km with almost no urban areas at all apart from Geraldton and Carnarvon, which are two minor towns, you get the picture.

If you are travelling alone around Australia, then you will be definitely alone. especially on the road, you will be driving for hundreds and hundreds of kilometres without seeing and meeting literally not a soul.

Driving distances in Australia are so huge, you can’t figure it out before you are there. I had heard a lot about travelling to Western Australia. Since I was travelling on my own  I decided to join a 5 day Australia Tour, starting from Perth up to Exmouth.

Joining a tour has many advantages, but be prepared to have little time available to spend on each place. For instance when you reach Monkey Mia, do not just watch feeding the dolphins, be sure you have enough time to explore the surrounding area, next to the lovely beach there is fascinating bushland with wonderful walking tracks, definitely worth a visit and spending some time.

My tip: Hire a car for making the best of the Western Australian coast, if you are travelling alone, then find one or two travel companions to share with.

Western Australia has the most amazing natural landscape to be found in Australia. If you want to experience some of the real Australian Outback you can explore the Kimberley a huge area of the same size as Germany, which is considered to be the best Australia´s outback area.

I did not manage to visit the Kimberley, unfortunately, due to the heavy rain, we could not access some areas. Along the West Coast, the environment is very diverse, you will be going through nice green bushland to dry plains, view stunning limestone cliffs, see the most ancient living fossil, the Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool.

Moreover, you will have the unique chance of feeding the bottlenose Dolphins in Monkey Mia, in  Shark Bay.

Driving farther north you will enter the Ningaloo Reef Area a must-see place is the amazing Coral Bay, a magnificent place for snorkelling and swimming, see colourful marine life and if you are lucky you can make a nice encounter and swim with the giant whale shark.

The best time to visit northwestern Australia is the tropical dry season, from April-October, but this would be also the busiest, I was there in February, it was peaceful and I enjoyed it very much.

I think March-April is maybe the best time because the peak season has just started. Anyhow all year through is always good for making a memorable experience in amazing Western Australia.

When travelling to Western Australia you will be impressed by its pristine beaches.

On this post, you can read more about 5 unique Australian beaches.

You can literally spend weeks travelling in Western Australia, there is so much to see. Have you been to Western Australia ? Where did you do?

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