How to better manage your photos on iPhone

If you love to travel and own one of the latest iPhones, it’d be impossible not to become snap happy. The improved in-built camera with the sophisticated features allow you to take high-quality pictures within seconds: no skills required, no special settings needed. 

It’s easy and fun to snap amazing shots in the hint of a second.

As an avid amateur photographer myself, I appreciate the infinite benefits of using an iPhone in my solo travel adventures, but while I enjoy capturing moments and snapping away all the time, I also cringe when it comes to sorting my photos and organise them into albums.

Managing and organizing thousands of photos on iPhone is time-consuming and can quickly become a frustrating chore. Moreover, it can quickly max out your gig storage and clutter your phone if you fail to manage your photos properly.

So what to do?

how to better organise photos on iphone

How to manage photos on iPhone?

Well, there are many solutions but the basic step-by-step process is simple.

  1. Delete, delete and delete. I know, most of us don’t delete photos from the iphone camera, or do it randomly, but that’s the very first step to keep your phone clean of clutter and free up storage.
  2. Compress files by sending photos from your iPhone to your email address.
  3. Transfer photos onto your Mac by activating airdrop on your Phone or store them onto a USB Key.
  4. Use iCloud to store your photos. This however can be complicated as it requires the use of wi-fi and a flat internet connection to move photos files to and from your phone. Furthermore, iCloud does not organise your photos!

I know something about it. In less than 1,5 years I managed to get +8000 photos on my iPhone with the end result of having almost 64 gig memory used up. While searching for a solution I ended up using iCloud as a temporary solution and recently came across Travly, a photo journal app that helps you manage your photos as you go.

How to create the perfect photo album journal on iPhone

There are many ways to create photo albums on iPhone, but unless you keep deleting and sorting through the albums on a regular basis, your phone is going to use up a lot of gig storage. 

Fortunately this newly developed photo journal app helps keep all your photos beautifully sorted into albums, saving those gigs for other things you love.

I recently started using Travly, a free photo app for iPhone and iPad, that connects with your camera and allows you to snap away photos and add them directly into your photo albums.

How the Travly App helps you manage photos on your iPhone

Travly is free to download from iTunes and is currently available for iPhone and iPad users. I wish I had found out about it earlier this year while I was looking for the best photo organizer, because it helped save time and effort in the process.

Travly Photo App

Here is what Travly can do:
  • After registering with your name and email address, it connects to your iPhone camera and let you take pictures directly from within the app, without having to transfer photos.
  • The interface is super clean and easy to use. You can move from Profile to Album creation withing mere seconds, using the app as if it were your iPhone camera.
  • Albums have a drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to easily move around photos between albums.
  • Photos are automatically stored into your Travly albums that you can easily edit and share with your friends through email or Facebook.
  • Editing photos is very intuitive. From the bottom navigation bar you can choose to adjust the photos with a light, contrast and saturation slider. Or you can add effects, filters or write and draw something as overlay.
  • The great feature within the editor is the geo-location option. Every time you snap a photo the app records each location and joins them up in a trail. Photo App

Special features and benefits of using the Travly photo app:
  • It builds automatically a trail of your trip on the same map, making it easy to access the map and track exactly where photos were taken – Just click on the location icon from within your album and, voilà, a map opens up.
  • There is an extra feature of adding a voice caption to each photo or a mini podcast, that helps remember where you took the photo and what the moment was all about. This also allow you to share those memories with friends and family in a more personalized way.
  • You can also add photos to your Travly photo albums by importing them from the iPhotos library or the iPhone camera.

    How to use the Travly Photo App

Cons of the Travly photo App

Once you download the app you must check the settings on your iPhone to make sure all app features are enabled so that the you can fully use all of its functionality.

The app is best suitable for all the latest iPhone versions, starting from iPhone 7. It does work on my iPhone 6 plus, however if you have an older iPhone version, you should check the software version and updates to make sure that your version is compatible with the app. I did experience a couple of minor technical glitches that I could quickly notify to the Travly support team from within the app.

Conclusion and our verdict about Travly

I think this is a great photo journal app that can not only help you instantly manage photos on iPhone and iPad but also create a photo journal with a beautiful map trail of your trip.

The huge benefit is that this all happens outside the iPhone, which literally means it does not use up the gig storage of your phone; it is completely managed by Travly so that photos stay in the app.

Travly is only available for IOS devices, at the moment, and is free to download. If you snap away all the time, like I do, this is definitely must-have travel app.

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How to manage your photos on iphone as you go How to better manage photos on iphone as you go

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