Moreton Bay Queensland

A weekend in Moreton Bay BrisbaneMoreton Bay

During my last Solo Trip in Australia this year I had the pleasure to meet up with my friend Linda of JourneyJottings again. We know each other from Twitter and we met already in person two years ago. I still remember our tour of the region and the beautiful walk in Mt Warning National Park. As Linda lives in Moreton Bay, off the coast of Brisbane, she had invited me to stay with her family for a weekend while I was visiting Brisbane.

Hot to get to Moreton Bay

I left Brisbane by bus to reach the ferry terminal, located south east of Brisbane. Moreton Bay is formed by 4 islands. The ferry services ride every 30 minutes and stops at all 4 islands. 3 of the 4 islands are inhabitated by locals who commute to Brisbane for work every day. All islands are bordered by a dense mangrove vegetation with a myriad of small inlets and smaller islands. Stradbroke, the largest island, is famous for its massive sand dunes and being a popular spot for sand boarding.

This is Linda and myself on the balcony at her home.



Getting active at Moreton Bay

We had not made any plans for the weekend. But one thing was sure. We were going to get out in the nature and explore Moreton Bay. Linda and I are outdoor enthusiasts and we both love to get active and be one with nature. We think we are bitten by the nature bug and are true “[do action=”bold-blue”]biophiliac[/do]”the scientific definition for [do action=”bold-blue”]nature lovers[/do].

The weather was not good. It was cloudy and it also rained. However this did not discourage us to make plans and get ready for our great weekend out, [do action=”bold-blue”]exploring Moreton Bay[/do].

Kayaking Moreton Bay

Kayaking across the Moreton Bay

[do action=”bold-blue”]On the Saturday we went kayaking across the Moreton Bay[/do]. I had not done kayaking for a long time and the simple arm movement of paddling into water caused an initial muscle strain…ooh God. It took good 10 minutes to warm up my arm muscles. As it started to drizzle we kept paddling but eventually we had to stop to find shelter undernearth bushy vegetation. Our destination was too far away and as rain became intense our clothes were drenched with water and we had to give up for good. After anchoring our kayaks at the shore and watched the rain pouring down and casting a grey veil over the landscape. We were lucky to find shelter and waited for Phil fetch us and bring us back home. Despite the rain it was good fun and I enjoyed this short kayaking tour in Moreton Bay.

Moreton Bay ViewThis is the view over Moreton Bay from Linda’s home

White Cockatoos Moreton Bay These are beautiful Cockatoos visiting Linda’s balcony

Discovering Moreton Bay by boat

The weather forecast for the following day was not promising any improvement. But good luck is always on the side of those who are brave! Off we were in the morning again and this time our plan was to go on a boat tour. We drove the car with the tinny boat to the boat ramp. A heavy shower caught us and had to wait a while until we could let our tinny boat into the water…We were not sure how long we would have been able to be out on the boat. The sky was covered with dark rainy clouds. We decided to go, anyhow. And the long waiting was good for us. We made it. YAY

Tinny Boat Tour Moreton Bay

After a short speedup tour across the channel our ride became bumpy. The rough sea did not allow us to proceed safely, so we had to turn back and slow down. On the way back we drove past beautiful stretches of mangroves. Mangroves are very impressive plants with thick roots tangle emerging the water. It is amazing to see how wonderfully artistic the vegetation on water can grow.Mangroves Moreton Bay

As warm sunshine rays were peering through the clouds and the sky cleared up we decided to stop for a walk along the sandy shore. The shore we stopped at was very narrow, as the low tide allowed us to walk along, we took advantage and explore the area. This was the pretty view we had from the shore.


As you can see the sky turned to deep blue and the landscape returned to its warm colours. So as I said good luck always accompanies those who are brave and dare get out and active and be one with nature.  😉MoretonBaySundayBoatTour

Have you been to Moreton Bay ? What outdoor activity can you recommend for the area?