How to overcome fear of heights with Jungle Surfing

I do believe that fear only exists in our imagination, and you can overcome the fear of heights while transforming the way of feeling it into positive energy. It’s a long process that requires acceptance, patience,  endurance, courage and love to yourself.

Have you heard of the saying

Do something that scares you once a day

I know, it’s easier said that done and I have adjusted this to my own personal experience. To overcome my fear of heights I have created one year-plan. Every year I choose an outdoor adventure that scares me, so as to help myself towards my goal of eliminating my lifelong fear of heights. And my goal is to eliminate it for good. 🙂

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Overcome fear of heights with Jungle Surfing

I love nature and being active in the outdoors. That’s why I fell in love with Australia. I love hiking and walking, but I also like to to have a bit of adventure. I would love to go rock climbing, abseiling and do many of the outdoor activities that imply being active up there in the heights. Nature is what stimulates my creativity, inspires me to discovering new things and recharges me with positive energy. So it’s very much part of my life.

Last year, I decided to join a canyoning adventure in my backyards, the Italian Dolomites. I jumped into water holes from 5 meters height and abseiled down from steep rocks. It was a success that went beyond my expectations.

This year I chose to get our of my comfort zone while travelling North Tropical Queensland by going on a Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour in the Daintree Rainforest of Cape Tribulation.

Jungle Surfing Cape Tribulation

Why a Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour

When I first heard about this Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour I thought “how cool” and the second thought was “how am I going to do that“.  The idea of  jumping and swinging at high speed through the forest gave me goose bumps. My mind was telling me “you are not going make it”. At the same time my heart was telling me “but I want to do that”. It took me a couple of weeks to come to terms with my busy mind and finally I decided to arrange my booking.

Finally my heart won over the tangled thoughts of my mind!


How I felt while jumping and surfing in the forest

We first had to climb up to a hill in the dense rainforest. Once we were kitted out we were divided into pairs. This is how you are going to swing. By walking fast into the rat race we produced power energy that lifted up each pair onto the first platform. The start was good fun. And we enjoyed the crew guys performance too. 🙂


Manage your Fear of heights – Focus on critical things

It’s important for me to focus on the critical part of the adventure. For Jungle Surfing it was the start. You need to bend as if you were sitting down and let yourself fall, with a swing, into the void. For a fraction of a second, I had the impression my heart had stopped beating. Once I overcame that paralysing feeling I closed my eyes and let myself swing through the forest. And you swing with full speed! YAY 🙂 The third platform is the longest and most exciting stretch, you swing for about 80 meters and about halfway you stop for 30 secs, while you are hanging over onto the creek. It’s where I first opened my eyes and said to self “how wonderful is all this around me”.

Why becoming aware of your emotions is crucial

Do not listen to what people say to you while you are doing something that scares you.

You are putting your heart and your soul into it. If they don’t share your fear of heights, they unlikely have a clue of what fear of heights is all about and their comments are not going to help you.

Just listen to your feelings and accept how terrible you feel. Ultimately there is nothing bad in it. Nothing to feel ashamed of. If you feel dizzy, your heart seem to stop beating or you get a breakneck pulse, don’t panick, just smile at it.

Feeling Fear of Heights

Be good to yourself, know how far you can go

Platform number 6. The last one. Swing upsidedown. When I got to know we were supposed to swing upsidedown I started getting nervous.  While the crew guy started teasing me, I was firm on my decision and politely declined the offer of swinging upside down. I told him that I am so thankful I have come here and have done this today. You don’t know what this means to me. Next time I will be ready to take up a new challenge and step out of my comfort zone a little bit further.

For today this is enough. Mission is completed.


I know, there will be many more outodoor adventures in the future that will help me work towards my goal of eliminating my fear of heights. One after the other, I will welcome them all and treasure them. And hopefully, I will succeed and eliminate my fear of heights for good! 🙂

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Jungle Surfing Daintree Forest - How to overcome fear of heights

Now is your turn.
Have you ever suffered from any fears? How do you overcome the fear of heights? Share your tips and outdoor adventures that helped you overcome your fear of heights. Thanks!

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