Your Australia Itinerary Book – New Edition

The New Edition of Your Australia Itinerary Book is live!

In November 2019 we released the new edition of Your Australia Itinerary Book. After the main release in July 2014, there have been regular yearly updates, and on the one of last November, we have added a complete section and also revised all the resources.

Keep reading to see how the book will help you!

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What is the guide book about, and how does it help you?

The book is not a storytelling book, nor a personal diary of my Australia Solo Travels. It is a concentration of knowledge, first-hand experiences and insights from travel mistakes and successes that I have gathered over the past 15 years travelling around Australia.

It is a handy guide book for those wanting to explore the country independently and see places without having the feeling of missing out or wasting time doing things that don’t appeal to you. But let’s face it, it takes hours of your evenings and weekends searching on the internet reading about that place or the other, choosing what things you want to do, what is the best time of going to Australia, and how to go from one place to the next.

What if you had all the answers about your trip ready-made for you?

In this Australian guidebook, you find at a glance all these essential elements that are crucial to creating an itinerary that matches 100% your time frame, in the way you want. And also, it shows you how you can save up to 30-40% of your initial budget?

Let’s take a look inside Your Australia Itinerary Book

Here is how you will transform tiring online research into a fast-making decision process:

  1. Trip Planning Elements for Australia

    I know it’s overwhelming at first, but there are short-cuts to planning a trip to Australia like a pro when you learn these basic nuts and bolts. Travel distances are darn crucial in the success of any trip, but also the time of year you choose to travel to Australia will have an impact.  Allocating the right time to each place is the third pillar.

    Once you master these three elements, you can create a cost-effective trip itinerary; and the money-saving aspect is crucial if you want to travel to Australia affordably.

  2. Itinerary Ideas for Australia – How to visualise yourself visiting places

    There are many ways of travelling around Australia and endless itinerary ideas that you can join together to create a trip that’s yours and like no other. The five itineraries are presented to the point and in a way that allows you to zoom in and out while visualising what you will be doing, places you will be seeing and how much time you will be spending there. They are all ready-made itineraries for you to use, that I have experienced in person and know well what worked for me and what didn’t.

    So, you will have the opportunity to dive into a journey without researching on the internet, thus saving hours of your time.

  3. Customisation of Itinerary Routes – Add your variations to each trip leg

    Each itinerary comes with practical customisations options to extend or reduce your time by adding or taking off suggested places or activities, and by adjusting the same route to different means of transportations that I highlight them for your further consideration. The possibility to adapt the itinerary to your individual needs and time frame is an additional time-saving benefit and an incredible acceleration towards a fast itinerary set-up.

    Knowing exactly what to do, on your trip, is such a relief. And wasting no time while making additional arrangements while you are in Australia is your final goal. My book will get you prepared and have 80-90% of all your bookings in place before leaving home.

  4. Brainstorming wisely the Information – Check details to firm up Your Australia itinerary

    Go through compact charts with places, timing, cost estimates, for each route.
    Check the Map Overview of each route.
    Scour the detailed Google Maps (interactive for Apple Users – or links for non-Apple users)

    These precious features allow you to assess in real-time the information. So you quickly know whether the itinerary is going to work for you and meet the budget you have and the set time frame. Also, they have answers to all what you can expect from each suggested place.

    When you have an easy process with info, facts, tools at hand, setting up your trip itinerary isn’t that hard any more.

Who is Your Australia Itinerary Book good for?

I have written this book out of my personal experience, so I’d say that it best suits the solo traveller to Australia, who is a female over 50.

But, over these past five years, my book has helped many couples and families alike, who came back enthusiastic to me, about the great find. So I’d say for anyone travelling to Australia for the first time, the book is a sort of mini-bible for visiting Australia.

Also, the book is excellent if you don’t want to stick to the iconic destinations of Australia, but are open to visiting more of the lesser-known sites of Australia such as the Outback, coastal and rural areas in each state.

Either solo or with a travel companion, you have a palette of tools you need to create an itinerary that best suits your independent travels to Australia.

Which book version you should get and where to purchase it

Your Australia Itinerary is available for purchase on our site. To get a copy, you need to click on the button below, and it takes you to the book page where you can read about what people say.



You can also buy the boo on iTunes or iBooks if you are a Mac User. The book is on Apple technology. Inside the Mac version, you will also find next to the interactive Maps, Quiz for each itinerary and many more functions that the PDF file does not have.

So, if you own a Mac computer or an iPad, I’d recommend getting the digital book on iTunes.

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