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Review of Gondwana Outdoor Wear in Australia

Gondwana Outdoor Wear – Online Clothing

As an outdoors-addicted, I love technical outdoor wear. For me, lightweight and comfort are key elements in all my travels. Packing light is imperative whenever I travel, around Australia, and I know the important role outdoor garments play when it comes to travel light. That’s why I use high-quality outdoor wear all the times when I travel. That’s the only way I can feel comfortable and protected against challenging weather conditions.


I discovered the Gondwana Outdoor Wear on my first trip in 2004. Functional shorts and a shirt that I still wear after 10 years. I love the Gondwana Outdoor Wear. Its outstanding quality and its design match well with my personality and travel style.

On my solo travel adventure in Australia, I had the opportunity to try out more of the Gondwana Outdoors Wear. From hiking pants, hydro lite shirts, microfleece, to rain jacket and hardshell jacket I got the essential Gondwana Outdoor Wear Kit for exploring the great Australian outdoors.

Here you can read my review about the Gondwana Outdoor Garments.

Rainbird Jacket – the Gondwana every-day Ultralight Rain Jacket

With this jacket, it was love at first sight. Its shining Lila colour is simply the hit! It weighs only 350gr so that it’s like wearing a feather. It is not necessarily only a rain jacket, you can wear it even on a warm day, at night, or when temperatures cool down. It’s extremely easy to fold it into its small bag that  I carried into my backpack every day.

Either walking, hiking or going out in the evening, I always had my Rain Bird Jacket with me. And I keep using it all the times. Whenever I go into the outdoors, the Rain Bird Jacket is the first thing that I pack. 
The Rainbird Jacket that you see me wearing on this photo is an L size for kids (14-16). The jacket has 2 side stow pockets, deep pockets ideal to pack either a camera or anything you need on the go.

For more information on the Rain Bird Jacket, you can check out their website by clicking on the link.


Jenolan Tritec Jacket – the jacket for extreme weather conditions

This jacket looked beautiful in his gorgeous Boysenberry colour, and I could not wait to wear my Jenolan Jacket. Although the weather was not cool, I was eager to try it out on my flight from Melbourne to Auckland. On a 20°C warm day, I decided to layer up and wear my Jenolan Jacket on top. As a result, I felt extremely comfortable, so the first breathability test was passed with full honours. The high breathability is a great feature of this hardshell jacket, that really went beyond my expectations.

Later on, in New Zealand, I could wear it on windy days and in Queensland on a boat ride on a rainy day. I know what it means being in the outdoors and facing a sudden weather change. There is nothing worse than getting drenched and cold. This jacket is made out of a special TPU membrane that keeps you dry and comfortable even in the most drenching conditions. As water stays on the surface, no matter how heavily it rains, it will keep you dry and comfortable and most importantly, the special Tritec 3 Layer fabric will guarantee high breathability at the same time.

Additionally, I was impressed with how soft it is. It is lightweight but tough at the same time. While packing one day, I had to squeeze the Jenolan Jacket into my luggage. To my surprise, the creased fabric regained its natural and outstanding shape within a short time.

My Boysenberry Jenolan Jacket looked as if it were a “living thing.


The Gondwana Eco Warrior  – the versatile hiking pants

I loved these travel pants. I wore my Eco Warrior hiking pants for weeks, and rarely used something else in the outdoors. They are very versatile pants to suits all sorts of situations. Thanks to the high UPF protection 50+ of the fabric by wearing them in hot days, they kept me cool, soft and comfortable.

Besides all-important outdoor gear features, I noticed that the fabric repels dust and dirt too. That is the extra benefit when on the go for a long time.  Another interesting feature of these travel pants, the length can be adjusted to three-quarter (mid-calf). And with the zip-off legs, you can use them as shorts too. I wore the Eco-Warrior Outdoor Pants size 8 with a waistbelt to fit it to my waist size.


The Gondwana Micro Fleece, soft – stretchy, warm, no bulk

The Gondwana Micro Fleece is a superb garment. I tested a black zip-top and the Whyalla Jacket. I love the multi-use of this super-stretchy top fleece as a mid-layer for walking and hiking. Moreover thanks to its soft, stretchy and breathable fabric I could wear it on top of my Gondwana Body Map to create my own sleepwear for cooler nights.

The Whyalla jacket is very versatile and, you can wear it on top of a shirt, a T-shirt or pull it over a top fleece too. My peacock Whyhalla fleece on the long haul flight to Europe was fantastic protection from the strong air-con. with its high soft neck and high collar, I felt warm and comfortable all the time. Moreover, the thin dense micro yarn allows packing without the bulk, which is also great.


The  Gondwana Cooran Shirt, the hydro lite striking feature

This is a must-have piece of garment for any outdoor enthusiast. A light and a tough shirt that I could wear in all kind of situations, from kayaking, hiking to dining out and casual occasions. I loved its lightweight and soft touch and especially the quick-drying when I got wet on my kayaking experience.

Moreover, its moisture-wicking fabric ensures high body ventilation, along with the powerful UPF+50 against UV rays and the anti-mosquito treatment to help to keep the mozzies away.


The  Gondwana Hydrolite Knit, the base layer, stand-alone garment

This knit is light like a feather. As the weather was cooling down in April and May it was the perfect knit to wear as a base layer with my microfleece top. However, it is ideal to wear in summer days as it protects you from harmful UV rays and actively wicks moisture away from the skin.

The Gondwana Body Map Base Layer, the body warmer

Last but not least. The Body Map was one of the highlights among the Gondwana Outdoor Outfit. It is a fantastic garment to travel anywhere. The body map is an essential base layer that you can use in the most varied combinations. Either underneath travel pants and a top fleece or as a runner outfit.

I had not packed any sleepwear from Europe, but a pair of leggings and a t-shirt were not enough in cooler nights. The weather may change unpredictably in Australia. So I was extremely happy to have this garment with me.

I used the Body Map as sleepwear to keep me warm in cool nights. And it was absolutely great. Thanks to advanced technology materials this body map is made with a double-faced fabric that ensures 2 different integrated performances, moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

Moreover, its anatomical design with body-mapped thermal zones creates a high thermal regulation to keep the body insulated and dry. Regardless of where I am going and what I am doing, the body map is a fantastic garment to travel with. From then on it belongs to my must-pack outdoor gear.


Features and benefits of Gondwana Clothing

I love the Gondwana Clothing. I enjoy wearing their Outdoor Wear every single day. Here below a recap of what I love most of my Gondwana outdoor wear outfit.

Lightweight – High performance – Durability

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I value clothing that ticks all the above boxes and does not stop me from exploring Australia even in the hardest of weather conditions. Gondwana meets all of them with five stars.

Australian-design and Colours

Gondwana Garments are Australian-designed for all seasons and all kind of weather conditions in beautiful outdoors colours. 
I love the Gondwana Colours. From dashes of green plants, red earth and red flowers and purple fruits. From the blue sky and turquoise waters to grey rocks and natural stone colours. Gondwana Outdoor Garments are a reflection of the great Australian outdoors.

Versatile Outdoor Wear

The Gondwana Outdoor Garments are extremely versatile. They are designed to perform and be worn in any circumstances. Either exploring the great outdoors, walking, hiking in the mountain, getting active at the beach, biking or simply sightseeing in urban environments. You can count on the Gondwana Outdoor Wear quality as top-notch travel clothing for all purposes.

Outdoor Wear Sizes

While Gondwana delivers its outdoor wear for women from 8-14 to suit most sizes. I would welcome a size 6 for hiking pants.  Some of the Gondwana outdoor pants do not fit me because I am thin. However, some Gondwana outdoor pants come with an inbuilt waistband with stretch drawcords, so that is easy, to adjust them to size 6. By using a waistbelt, you can adjust the waist size.

Outdoor Wear Brand

Gondwana Outdoor are known, among excellent outdoor wear brands, as unique Australian and New Zealand outdoor clothing company with rapid growth in Australia and China. All Gondwana Outdoor Garments come with a 3-year warranty on all products which is once more proof of the high-quality standard.

I can highly recommend Gondwana Outdoor Wear when travelling in Australia. These first-class outdoor garments are jewels that will make your Oz travel more special.