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Meet Michela The Author of Rocky Travel

25 Curious Facts About Michela

Hi, I’m Michela is the solo traveller, editor in chief and publisher of Rocky Travel, the leading travel site for the Solo Traveller to Australia, and Italy, my home country.

Michela in a vintage telephone booth in Mona Vale, Sydney, 2014

Here are some curious facts about me, if you don’t know them already. 🙂

  1. I was born and bred in Italy, 55 years ago, but soon after college, I became an ex-pat and lived in Austria, UK, Germany and Spain.
  2. I’m a baby boomer at birth, but feel and look younger! 😀
  3. I love languages, foreign cultures. I speak and write fluently in 4 languages: Italian, German, English and Spanish.
  4. I have a love-and-hate relationship with my home country, Italy.
  5. My first overseas solo trip was in 1993 to New York. I have fantastic memories of that trip, and also a fun thing: I got drunk while waiting for my table at the Hard Rock Cafè. LOL
  6. On my Australian Solo Trips, I have spent a total of 115 weeks over 15 years and 10 long-term trips, totalling +110 thousand kilometres around the country.
    Michela on Solo Trip on Kangaroo Island
    Michela on Solo Trip on Kangaroo Island, 2013
  7. I love all-around modern art. The first thing I do when visiting a new city is looking up for the modern art museums, or galleries and check them out.
  8. Oh, I also (used to) paint, and have done some nice works in the past. A big regret is not being consistent with this.
  9. I’m a keen (and fast) walker. I love walking in the city and in the great outdoors.
  10. I also like hiking in national parks, in the Dolomites near home, but I don’t do any climbing.
  11. I haven’t owned a car for nearly 13 years by now. Giving up a car was a big success and also a step forward towards a more environmental-friendly and minimalistic lifestyle.
  12. I don’t also have a TV at home. Gave it up in 1997, and never missed it.
  13. I have a love-and-hate affair with blogging.
  14. I love reading, all sorts of stuff, from magazines, books, web pages, I average read for 1-2 hours, daily.
  15. I’ve been a pescatarian for 5 years, (don’t eat meat).
  16. At the age of 15, I started to play the drums but gave up. Later on, I tried a few more instruments with no success. My biggest regret is not having learnt any instrument.
  17. I love almost any kind of music and spent many years of my youth with many musicians and bands.
  18. Taekwondo is my favourite martial art, which I started learning 20 years ago. I’ve passed the first two belts, I’m a yellow belt.
  19. I suffer from a fear of heights. I almost got completely rid of it with the help of a self-healing training and a canyoning adventure and a zip-lining in the forest. But still, get my hurt pumping like crazy on a suspension bridge.
  20. I love almost any kind of sports, from tennis to golf, to car racing. But don’t like extreme sports.
  21. Favourite drinks all day long: Pure Water. To wake up: Black Tea. With a meal: Beer. To celebrate Prosecco or Champagne.
  22. Favourite Cuisines: Italian and Thai.
    Favourite Food: wooden oven-fired Pizza Napoletana and Pasta Della Norma (Sicilian). Favourite Cake: Tiramisu.
    Favourite Wine: Gewürztraminer and Prosecco.
  23. Favourite Folks, and country: Germany.
  24. Favourite Language: German.
  25. Favourite Country to Travel Solo: Australia, followed by Italy, Germany, Spain, Thailand.

What travel means to me

Travel means more than just holidaying. Travel is a fundamental part of my personal development process. It contributes to enrich my life both spiritually and mentally and physically. Moreover, it gives me the chance to learn more about myself and others alike.

First and foremost travel means freedom to me. I cannot think of living without travelling. When I start getting itchy feet and have to pack my bag and go.

Michela celebrating her 50th Birthday in Italy

On this page, you can read more about my amazing solo travel experiences in Australia.

Life is full of challenges and surprises!

In 10 years of blogging, I have learnt so much and experienced many different new places, new environments. While I met wonderful people on my solo trips, I also had to face challenges. Nonetheless, I am very thankful I went this path despite all odds.

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first published in 2010, updated in 2020