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Michela hiking in South Tyrol, Italy.

Why join me on my small group tours of Italy

​If you have been following me on the Rocky Travel Blog for a while, you may know that I am a solo travel addict. 

I've been travelling alone for +30 years around the world. I started ​my solo adventures in my 20s ​in Italy, my home country, where I came back to reside a while ago.  I have a love & hate relationship with Italy: I love the food, the culture and the fact that no matter where you are in Italy there is always a charming place around the corner to explore. But at the same time, I ​am struggling with the chaos and ​its complicated​ rules.

This year I've launched my own tours for the solo traveller

​I'm thrilled to show to ​​show you Italy, my home country, with the knowledge of an insider and - at the same time - see it through the eyes of a first-time traveller!

Michela Rocky Travel Tours

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What are my Groups Tours of Italy all about?

My guided tours of Italy are specially designed for the fit and active traveller​, who loves to travel alone but also need that special ​thrill and likes the idea of joining a small group of like-minded travellers. ​My Italy tours have a prevalence of outdoor activities with a touch of cultural and food experiences. ​And because we travel in small groups, we have the opportunity to make unique experiences with the fantastic locals!

Italy Tours Calendar for 2020

​Here is a short recap of my​ Italy Tours, which are taking in May 2020. ​The​ first tour is a 10-day round-tour of Sicily, followed by hiking trips of the Dolomites and a 4-day trip in the beautiful and lesser-known places of North East Ita​ly.

To request more information, please fill out this form. ​Please note that this form is for information purposes only. It allows me to​ learn more about your preferences and send you more detailed information about the tour you are interested in. ​​

Palermo Cathedral
  • 10 days and 9 nights fully escorted​ Tour of Sicily by a local tour operator.
  • ​Visit Catania, Taormina, Eoalian Islands, Cefalu, Monreale, Palermo, Agrigento, Ragusa, Ispica, Siracusa, Noto.
  • ​Vulcano and Ispica Caves Walks. Walking Food Tours. Lunch with locals. Wine Trekking​.
  • Dates: 04th - 13th May 2020.
  • ​Max 10-12 participants.
Vittorio Veneto foothills Dolomites Italy
  • ​2 Days in Vittorio Veneto.
  • Prosecco, Wine and Food Tour. Cultural and heritage sightseeing. Day-walks in the hills​ and in the surroundings.
  • ​1 full day-hike in the Dolomites near Cortina.
  • ​3 and half days / 3 nights. ​
  • ​D​ates: 6-9th July 2020
  • ​Max 6 participants.


Italy Tour Hiking in the Italian Dolomites
  • ​Tour in Bolzano and South Tyrol​ Italy.
  • ​1 day in Bolzano + surroundings ​regions. ​Food & Wine/Beer Tour.
  • 3 days of hiking in the South Tyrol region of the Northern Dolomites.
  • ​4 nights / 5 days.
  • Dates to be arranged. End of June 2020
  • ​Max 6 participants. ​
Dolomites Small Group Hiking Tour
  • ​1 day and night in ​Bolzano with Food & Wine/Beer Tour.
  • ​Hiking on 3 full days from hut to hut.
  • ​3 nights, ​staying in mountain huts (​half-board with shared dorms).
  • ​4 nights / 5 days. 
  • Dates to be arranged for the second half of September 2020.
  • ​Max 10 ​participants. If interested sign up for Tour News.


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What we will be doing in my Hiking Tours
​​​Hiking + Walking in the Outdoors 

  • Day-hikes to multi-day hikes ​in the Italian Dolomites and national parks.
  • City sightseeing and cultural explorations on foot, nd more outdoor activities.
  • Exquisite Food & wine tasting ​and trekking, with small local tour operators.
​​Whom are my tours good for​​

  • ​​Nature and Culture lovers who love hiking and to explore the lesser-known places of Italy.
  • ​Solo Traveller ​aged +35 or older, who loves adventure, good food and inspiring people.
  • Everyone fit who loves adventure​ and ​likes to make new experiences with a small group.
    * aged +70 are welcome if fit and trained to walking/hiking.

​What to expect from our guided tours of Italy?

We will be active in the nature and exploring the mountains, mainly in the Italian Alps and Dolomites. ​Besides walking in nature and hiking in the mountains, we will be ​discovering cities like Venice, Trieste, and the best of Sicily has to offer, on a round trip. Eating the most exquisite Italian food, getting to know the locals ​and making new friends will be part and parcel of my group tours.  

​We have teamed up with high professionals in the travel and tourism industry, so when hiking in the Dolomites a certified mountain and alpine guide will join us to lead the hike. ​All other activities and tours will be run by myself in collaboration of small local tour operators​ that ​care for eco-sustainable trips.

W​e will ​mix the great outdoors with cultural activities. To sum it up how we will be spending the time together and give you an idea of the ​core activities, here is a rough breakdown of the tour: 50% Outdoor, 30% Italian cities and culture 20% Italian food, wine tastings and hands-on experiences.

You can watch this video about My Italy Small Group Tours

Who is the Italy Tour good for?

An average right level of fitness is required​. But we will not be climbing nor walking on exposed trails. However you must be adequtely fit to walk on all kinds of terrain.

My Italy Tours are perfect for the Solo Traveller who love​s a right mix of outdoor adventures and cultural activities, getting to know the locals by exploring iconic attractions as well as less touristy places.

We will be staying in small boutique hotels, and privately owned guesthouses, but in some of the ​hiking trips we may stay in ​mountain huts with shared facilities too. This will be posted in the tour description.


Dates of my Guided Italy Tours

  • Dates are updated here on this page but I recommend checking the individual tour page.
  • There may be some changes to the planned itinerary, if necessary. If you want to learn more about my tours, please sign up for the news or send in your non-binding inquiry​ ​form.
  • ​​​​All tours are open to male and female solo travellers and if you travel with a friend or family member is okay too.

​What if you would like to join

  • ​You will have to make all your overseas flight arrangements to and from Italy. And I can assist you with this.
  • ​You need to reserve your place on the chosen tour by paying a deposit​ before making further arrangements.
  • ​Travel Insurance is highly recommended if you are not a EU citizen. We can give advise on this too.

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