Australian Outback Lifestyle

Enjoying the Australian Outback Lifestyle

The beauty of the Australian outback lifestyle lies not only in the natural colourful scenery of its dramatic Onthewaytocunnumullalandscapes, its stunning contrast from lush green to dry and desolate, from brilliant blue skies to red rugged earth. The Australian Outback has a rich history of aboriginal and European settlements.

Hard-working people whose down-to-earth approach and genuine passion for the outback made possible to adapt to the harsh land and create a thriving pastoral industry along with the legendary spirit of belonging to an unforgiving land. This is why the outback lifestyle fascinates many people leaving a lasting impression on travellers.

Cunnamulla and its great outback lifestyle

Recently whilst visiting Cunnamulla I could relish an authentic outback lifestyle cunnumullaexperience. Cunnamulla is located in South West Queensland, with less than 3000 inhabitants Cunnamulla has developed over the years excellent facilities and a great quality of life, the same that can be found in any large city.  In Cunnamulla there are schools, recreational areas with swimming pools, tennis and golf courts, shops, coffee shops, hotels and traditional pubs, an airport connecting to Brisbane and other minor outback destinations on the way to the capital city, a hospital and also a publisher printing the local newspaper in town.

The entire outback area preserves the most pristine environment with natural resources like the Warrego River and natural spring water oases thanks to the  Great Artesian Basin that is flowing underground.

A campfire dinner with authentic BBQ and the yarns of a drower

Soon upon my arrival in Cunnamulla, I got acquainted with a few lovely locals who welcomed me and offered help in finding accommodation and showing me around for which I was really thankful. I had arrived on the rail journey aboard the Westlander and my only way of transportation was my feet. In 48 hours I learnt so much about Cunnamulla’s landmarks, its culture and traditions to make it hard for me to go back to Brisbane.

BBQ_in_Cunnumulla2 Campfire_dinner

One of the highlights I really enjoyed was the outback campfire dinner. Sitting around the table with the fire warming up our back was such a pleasent feeling after the long day out exploring the area. The cool evening had replaced the the warm sunny day with a black sky. The food was simply delicious, an authentic australian Barbie (BBQ) made of organic lamb and local veggies, what you call real genuine outback food and lifestyle.


That evening was a special evening too because of Les, a local character, who joined us. His cheerful look, the spark in his eyes and his affable way warmed up the conversation while we listened to his enchanting stories.

Australian Oubtack Lifestyle

The most exciting part of the evening was the whip-cracking show Les gave. Impressive how much energy and emotions were swinging through his arms into the whips cracking into the air.

Les_whip_cracking Les_whip_cracking_2

And it was not all just about watching the whip-cracking show, we all had a go. In the photo below this was my learning whip cracking.

Michela_Learning_whip_cracking Michela_2

My short stay in Cunnamulla was very rewarding and it belongs to any genuine outback lifestyle experiences that I highly treasure.

Learning the Australian Outback SlangSmoko_in_Cunnumulla

During this visit, I learnt more of the Aussie Slang, here below some of the words I have added to my Australian slang vocabulary.

Billy Tea = tea made in a metal tin over a campfire

Smoko = morning tea with a snack

Drover = man driving or looking after cattle and sheeps

Whip Cracking = the art of cracking stockwhips

Jackaroo = a young man mustering cattle/sheeps

Jillaroo = a young woman hearing cattle/sheeps Grazier = landowner with cattle

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