The Magic of Ayers Rock

Why visit Ayers Rock

While travelling around Australia I have been meeting lots of travellers, locals as well as overseas travellers. To my greatest surprise, I established that among Australians only a few of them had been to Ayers Rock as well as many foreign travellers did not have a trip to the Red Centre on their list.Ulurufromtheroad

Uhm, I found this a pretty surprising and astonishing fact. Not rarely I have heard people saying….”Ayers Rock is just a Rock” At first these words left me almost speechless, I love Ayers Rock, for me, it is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, but I somehow can imagine why someone thinks of Ayers Rock as just a Rock.

Is Ayers Rock just a Rock?

I have visited Ayers Rock twice in 2004 the first time, my second visit in 2011, and although I found a bit difficult to understand other travellers’ point of view. I find these words may conceal a deeper meaning. Many travellers come back truly disappointed after a visit to Ayers Rock, and do you know why? Because they visited Ayers Rock in a tight schedule, surrounded by thousands of visitors.

If you think that Ayers Rock gets 300.000 visitors per year, with a peak season between June-August you can soon figure out how the whole scenery looks like with loaded buses and long queues at the Uluru’s base, masses of people lingering at the viewing platforms and so on. And yes, let’s face it, on top of this a Trip to Ayers Rock is somewhat expensive!

So why shall you visit Ayers Rock in the first place? The best time is between Marcha and May. But October, November is also a good time of the year to visit.


Where is the Magic of Ayers Rock?

Where has the Magic of Ayers Rock gone that people allegedly are supposed to experience? The fact is that Ayers Rock is absolutely a unique and magnificent place to be! What makes the Magic Rock brutally turn into a dull place are circumstances, the lack of time, the lack of peace and the lack of silence which are fundamental preconditions to visit and enjoy Ayers Rock.

Moreover, if you take your time and spend more days to visit other Red Centre iconic landmarks: Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, the Western McDonnel Ranges to name a few you will get a feel of the place. The longer you can stay the better. I would say at least 6 days to make the most of the Red Centre, learn about its profound significance to Aboriginal People and savour the Beauty of Ayers Rock.

How to fully enjoy Ayers Rock

Time, peace and silence are preconditions for a visit to Ayers Rock. Viewing Uluru at sunset and at sunrise is not enough. I have seen people getting there, spend 1 night, weak up early to go to the sunrise viewing platform and fly back on the same day. Such a short time does not enable you to feel the magic of Ayers Rock. You need to spend at least 2 nights at Yulara Resort to be able to see something and do something there.

One thing you must absolutely do is one of the guided free tours offered by the Rangers of the Ayers Rock National Park. They start at 8.00 am at Uluru’s base. We were lucky to have 2hours free guided tour…taking advantage of the low season with few people around. These Uluru free Tours are extremely informative and you will learn interesting Ayers Rock Facts that you will not be able to find out otherwise. Another must-do thing is the Uluru base walk.

If you have time you can make more short walks in the National Park. The Uluru Cultural Centre provides you with a list of all walks you can do in the park. Visit the Cultural Centre too to learn about the Uluru’s significance to the Aboriginal people. You can spend a few hours there.


What is the most rewarding thing about Ayers Rock?

Now you will probably think I say the Ayers Rock Sunset and the Ayers Rock Sunrise. Standing in front of Ayers Rock and admiring the play of colours at sunset is definitely stunning, absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.

Likewise, the sunrise from the viewing platform of the Olgas, a.k.a. as Kata Tjuta is simply magnificent but in my opinion, the most rewarding thing is just being there. The Uluru Rock radiates lots of energy, its energy along with the walk around its 9km base are absolute must-do things.

The walk you can take around the Uluru Base gives you a perspective of how massive Ayers Rock is and allows you to get a feel of the place. Spend at least a couple of nights there and you will notice the energy flowing in your body.  You might also not notice anything at all: energy is there. You may sleep very deeply and peacefully and feel balanced after a couple of days.

That’s the power of Uluru! 🙂


Is a visit to Ayers Rock worth your time and money?

Yes. Absolutely. I have been travelling extensively across Australia, after 15 years I can say that I know this country quite well, I have seen many places from South to North from the Western to the Eastern Coast. All over Australia, you will find beautiful places and stunning Outback landscapes but the Ayers Rock scenery and atmosphere is something special. You cannot leave Australia without having seen this part of the Australian Outback.

I have been there twice and could think of returning to Ayers Rock again for the third time sometime in the future. I think if you can make your visit offseason, with plenty of time and the peace this place deserves you will be rewarded with one of the most memorable travel experience of your life.


Why is Ayers Rock so expensive?

It is true, it is expensive to visit Ayers Rock, either driving yourself, going on an Ayers Rock Tour it is going to be an expensive trip.

Everything is expensive at Ayers Rock. Especially transportation and accommodation. You will not find any hotel room below 200-250AUD/night and fuel will cost you 30% more than the average price around Australia.

If you fly you will not find anything below 300 AUD unless you book your flight 2-3 months ahead. The same for the Ayers Rock car hire,  you will pay more here than anywhere else in Australia. Ayers Rock has become very expensive as all other big attractions in the world. But there are ways to save money on your visit to Ayers Rock.

Key is to prepare well your Uluru Trip. Secondly is to tie in more destinations of Northern Territory and the Top End of Australia.

Furthermore, make sure you create an accurate trip plan for your Australian Adventures.