The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

What is so special about the Mindil Beach Sunsets Marketsdarwin_mindil_market

To me Darwin is a beautiful place with a great atmosphere throughout the year. However in the eyes of most international travellers Darwin does not seem to have this glamour, most travellers tend to see it as a gateway city and allocate most of their time for the more popular national parks of the Top End. What does actually make of Darwin a lovely place to be? A myriad of things: from its natural harbour setting, its gorgeous beaches, to its stunning sunsets colours, its great lifestyle, its people, the list could be endless.
The weather certainly plays a role in the city enjoyment, even though outdoor activities are restricted to just a few during the summer, Darwin maintains its distinctive flair also during the wet season. When is the best time to visit Darwin?

The best time to visit the Mindil beach Sunsets Markets

May to October is definitely the best time to enjoy Darwin and its beautiful Mindil beach Sunset Markets at its best. An array of music events, festivals and shows create a vibrant atmosphere. And if you really want to enjoy Darwin’s nature at its best, in its “still” enchanting deep green lush vegetation then mid May is the perfect time to visit Darwin. What are the fun things you should not miss out on in Darwin ?
Music at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

The highlight of Darwin the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets represent an iconic landmark of Darwin. And probably it is the attraction that makes Darwin known internationally. The Mindil Market opens end of April till the end of October and encompasses weekly music performances as well as the show of local artists. At the Mindil Market is where the locals and the travellers meet, it´s where the real buzz is, it’s where you can soak in the true outdoor lifestyle of Darwin. People gather on the beach market fields twice a week tolive a true sensorial experience.


Food and Local arts and crafts at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

Food, music, arts, nature, people, these are the main protagonists of the Mindil Beach Market in Darwin. You soon realize as you get there, just take a stroll through the many colourful stalls and stop to taste here and there the fab multi ethnical foods. Try the famous sunset oyster bar offering huge, mouth watering oysters, a treat, if you can put up with a long queue!

oystersbarmindil IMG_8586

Either fried fish or oysters, fresh fruits or veggies, a delicious ice cream, a pizza or gyros, at Mindil Beach Market you will be spoilt for choice. And at the same time you will get the chance of feeling the international mutlicultural flair of Darwin. You can savour your food, sitting on the grass fields along the market lanes, or you can set up your own picnic tables or sit on the beach.


Browsing through the many local arts and crafts stalls of the Mindil Beach Sunset Marktes is a great experience and the ideal occasion to buy a nice piece of local art. Many local artists display at the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Some of them only display at Mindil Market, so it is indeed a unique chance to to meet them and grab their unique artworks.


As you can see from these photos you can get a nice piece of croc leather, or barramundi leather, or a nice pair of hand made thongs or traditional seed jewellery. Very beautiful. And this is just a small part of all what you can find at the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets.

barramundi_capsandmore shopping_mindil
Stalls at Mindil Beach Market are displaying arts and crsafts in a beautifully creative way.

The Sunset crowns the experience of the Mindil Beach Market

Strolling through the market lanes, sitting on the grass while enjoying live music is a beautiful experience, of its own, the sunset you will enjoy from the beach gives a sort of magical touch that crowns the experience. The Mindil Beach Sunset sees many the passionate returning visitors. Watching the sunset and taking photos from there is indeed a rewarding moment. One of those moments to treasure in your memories of Darwin.


People start gathering on the beach about 1/2 hour before sunset, and as you can see from the photo, it gets really crowded. I have been at the Mindil Beach Sunset 3 times in 10 days, and I can tell you that each time it is a unique experience to see a wonderful sunset.

How was your experience in Darwin and of the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets ? Any fun travel memories you want to share with us ? Feel free to post your valuable comment here. Happy Independent Travels in Austalia and Enjoy Darwin!

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