Best 35 Things To Do In Melbourne

Melbourne is not only the most liveable city in the world, but it is also one of the solo travellers’ friendliest cities in the world. With so many places to visit, you can easily spend a week in the city without getting bored. I’m lucky to have been alone in Melbourne several times on my solo travel to Australia, and over the years and discovered more and more of this great Australian city.

Here are the best things to do alone in Melbourne that I can recommend to any female solo traveller visiting Australia.

The Best Free Things to do in Melbourne

It’s hard to beat the multitude of things you can see and do in Melbourne, and many are for free. Here are my hand-picked top 10 free things to do in Melbourne alone.

A Guide with the best things to do in Melbourne for solo travellers

  1. Explore the city on the hop-on-hop-off free trams

    The tram-network is completely free within the Melbourne CBD and the Docklands. You can hop-on-hop-off without having to purchase a ticket, as long as you travel within these areas. Using the free trams is a fun way of getting familiar with the city and see the main attractions including the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, The Melbourne Museum, Queen Victoria Market. I really love using the trams, and they are best combined with a self-guided walk.

    Don’t miss out on a ride of the 35 Free Tram, this is the tourist route that stops off at the major point of interest in the city ring and the great thing about is that it has a recorded guide during the journey. So it’s really informative for the first-timers to Melbourne. The route starts from Federation Square and it goes in a loop, via Flinders Street. You will be able to tour as much as you want crisscrossing the CBD too. You can get a Melbourne free tram zone map from the visitor centre or click on the link to download it.


  2. Go on a first orientation walk of Melbourne

    If you are travelling alone to Melbourne, this is an excellent way to start your explorations of the city if you are visiting for the first time. While volunteers offer these orientation walks for free, you need to book yourself at the visitor’s centre in Federation Square here to secure your place. This free walk is on every day, rain or shine, and it is a must-do thing.

  3. Take a free guided walk of Fitzroy Gardens

    The free guided walk of Fitzroy Gardens is one of the most excellent Melbourne walks. They run them every Saturday morning at 10.00 offering an insight into the historic buildings as well as an insight into nature and native wildlife. You can get there from the city with tram 75 or 48. And start your visit at the Fitzroy visitor centre.

  4. Visit ACMI

    Located at Federation Square, ACMI showcases the moving images in various forms through exhibitions, festivals, films, creative and great educational workshops. Even if the arts isn’t one of your interests, you will be surprised, give it a go: this place is a must-see-thing in Melbourne offering brilliant ways to engage with the moving image.

  5. Go on Melbourne self-guided-walks

    There are seven walks that you can do by yourself. And they are all fun and different. From historical venues, lush green parklands, to spectacular bridges, sculptures, to the waterfront with a promenade walk along Southbank, to arcades and street art lanes in the city heart, here is the full list of wall free self-guided walks.

    Melbourne Victoria State Library

  6. Relax at Federation Square

    This is going to be your starting point for many of the activities and explorations of Melbourne city. It’s a large square just opposite the Flinders Street Station, with the free wifi connection, cafes and museums. It used to be the location of the main visitor centre in Melbourne; it has been moved due to the renovations works. This is the main square in Melbourne for live stream events, like the Australian Open and public festivals.

  7. Visit the Melbourne Visitor Centre

    Grab the free and informative Melbourne What’s On Brochure, so that you have an update of all activities and Melbourne events that are on during the time you are there. Note: the Visitor Centre has moved from Federation Square to their new location at 90-130 Swanston Street Corner Little Collins and Swanston Street.

  8. Go to the Arts Centre Melbourne

    The Arts Centre Melbourne is a must-do thing for all art lovers. Just a short walk from Federation Square art exhibitions are running regularly and the entrance is free.

  9. Relax at the State Library of Victoria

    Another vital hub for solo travellers in Melbourne is the State Library. I always love to spend my time in there, either visiting a new exhibition, browsing through books or sitting in the reading lounge area or just using the great free wi-fi, this is one relaxing thing to do in Melbourne.State Library Melbourne

  10. Visit Melbourne’s historic churches

    There are quite a few new churches in Melbourne like St. Pauls Cathedral and St. Patrick Cathedral. In St. Michael Church (on Collins Street) there is also a free organ recital on Thursdays at 1.00 pm.  This is something to do, on your self-guided walks of the city.

All Fun Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for its thriving coffee and food scene, and without a doubt, there is no shortage of places to eat and drink in Melbourne CBD. Here are my best tips for exploring Melbourne’s best food.


Melbourne Laneways and Arcades

Melbourne is famous for its Laneways and Arcades Shopping. They are the real heart and soul of the city, and also one of the unique things to do is to take a stroll through them. This is where the intimate insider life, the pulse and creativity take place. It’s where you find one-off shops, cosy tiny bars, unique coffee shops and vivid city street art. From over 180 lanes, only a small number of them have been transformed into beautiful city life though.


Explore the best Laneways Restaurants in Melbourne

My favourite places are Blender Lane for street art and Hardware Lane for food. Here below a list of the must-see lanes in Melbourne and great places for shopping:

  • Flinders Lane is the starting point of all food lanes tour. Located between Swanston and William Streets, has excellent eateries, shops and cafes.
  • Hardware Lane is one of the top places among all food lanes. Starting from Bourke Street up to Little Bourke between Queen and Elizabeth Street, it offers some of the finest dining places, with live music, especially Mediterranean food (Italian and Greek). Hardware lane continues from Londsdale Street to Little Londsdale Street. From little Londsalde Street is worth peering sideways into other small streets of Warburton Lane, Ranksin Lane, Niagara Lane. Another good laneway for food is Mc Killop Street (between Bourke and Little Collins Street).RoyalArcade

Browse and shop in Melbourne best Arcades

The best arcades in Melbourne are The Block Arcade and the Royal Arcade, but there are a few more.

  • The Block Arcade is the finest example of 19th-century architecture with its mosaic-tile flooring and a translucent curved glass ceiling. Here you can queue to enter the Hopetoun Tea, browse through Haigh’s Cholocate and visit Gewürzhaus, to find spices from all over the world.
  • From there, walk through to the Royal Arcade the oldest arcade in Australia offering a collection of boutiques and unique shops. From Russian dolls to candy and chocolate shops strolling along this heritage arcade is a true feast of the senses.

Explore Melbourne Laneways Graffiti

Melbourne Lanes are also well-known for their graffiti art and stencil works. And the city boasts some of the best street art lanes in Australia.

  • Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane are probably the most iconic street art laneways, because of the skilled artists who painted them, these lanes are the most photographed by tourists and locals alike. While Hosier lane is one of the must-see street art lanes, there are many smaller lanes for great street Graffiti. My favourite lane is just a few minutes walk from Queen Victoria Markets: Blender Lane.

If you like arts, you must take a walk and see all the famous street art in Melbourne.

And here is the Map of the Melbourne Laneways.

UnionLane-Street Art Melbourne

Savour the best Melbourne Food Markets

The QV markets in Melbourne is the most popular venue for its yummy food, and also for its summer  Outdoor Cinemas, the best site to experience a film under the stars and a top thing to do in Melbourne at night. The QV Outdoor cinemas start beginning of December and are on every night from Thursday to Sunday.

I also suggest exploring the atmosphere at the South Melbourne Markets which are lesser-known markets in Melbourne, and I find them unique with a great vibe, ample spaces and many cosy sites where to grab a coffee as well as having a delicious lunch.

Enjoy Food Walking Tours

The best way to explore Melbourne’s top places for food is to join a guided tour. Either with a focus on coffee and sweets or with rooftop bars to ethnical cuisine and historical laneways and street art, quirky Melbourne cafes and trendy restaurants. You can check out this page for more info about Melbourne-day-tours.

Get lost in China Town

This is an excellent area, right in the heart of Melbourne city, if you want to eat good and inexpensive Asian Food, freshly prepared. Take a stroll along the many small China Town Lanes to discover local street art, hidden cafes and small shops. In this area there are more lanes for food; try Tattersalls Lane between Russell and Swanston Streets, or Market lane full of exotic and unusual flavours of Dumpling bars, German and Japanese restaurants.

Adventure Activities in Melbourne

If you love to get active, these are the best ways to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy your time, here is a list of fun outdoor activities to do in Melbourne, throughout the year.

  • Explore Southbank on Foot

    Take in Melbourne by strolling along the Yarra River. This is a fabulous Melbourne city walk that you can start from Federation Square or the Crown and Convention Centre. It’s a beautiful walk and fun thing to do on a sunny summer day that allows you to view the city from the river’s banks while crisscrossing over the bridges. Southbank is very popular with solo joggers, bikers and buskers over weekends. There is a weekend market with arts and crafts stalls. Also the perfect spot for dining out and another great thing to do in Melbourne at night for free.

  • Take a Bike Ride to Brighton

    Cycling is something the city of Melbourne takes pride in. And one of the most usual outdoor things locals do and a fun thing to do if you are alone in Melbourne. There are many cycling paths all around the town and in its surrounding areas. You can hire a bike everywhere. My favourite bike ride from the city is the one from South Melbourne, through the Port of Melbourne all along the coast, to St. Kilda and further down to Brighton. It’s about 20km return bike ride, really worth it if you like nature, the beach and like fun things to do during the day. There are vantage points and lookouts with a beautiful view of Melbourne along the way.

Bike Ride Melbourne-Brighton

  • Explore the St Kilda Market on a Sunday

    St. Kilda is one of the best free things to do in Melbourne on a Sunday. You can spend all day in St. Kilda, starting with a jog or a stroll along the beach. You can then visit the street Market which is open till midday, have lunch in one of the street cafes or patisserie and finish your day with a stroll to the St. Kilda’s pier and watch the sun go down over the city. St. Kilda is also a great place to visit for a Saturday night promenade walk and fine dining.

  • Visit The Royal Botanic Gardens

    The Botanic Gardens are not too far away from the city centre. If you love plants, flowers, and greenery, then this is the place for you. With over 10,000 species of plants, this place is a like little oasis right inside the Melbourne city. The site has its charm, and everything here is calm and serene, as you find yourself surrounded by majestic trees and tranquil lakes.

Things to do in Melbourne at Night

White Night Melbourne 2015
The White Night in Melbourne – Photo Credit David Tigani via Flickr

There are many more things that Melbourne offers, like seeing it from the air perspective. I love viewing cities from the air. It gives a different aspect of urban life, and I like exploring new ways of doing it. Here are my picks for Melbourne from rooftops to hot air balloon rides.

Visit the best rooftop bars

There are quite a few rooftops bars in Melbourne offering magnificent views over the city, and many rooftop bars have live music or outdoor cinema. In the CBD I can recommend the Curtain House Rooftop Bar and Cinema on Swanston Street. Another popular place among all rooftop bars in Melbourne at QT. Also, if you want to enjoy a breathtaking view from the top buildings in Melbourne, go to Sofitel Hotel, up to the top attic floor for a panoramic city view from the hotel toilets.

Take a Ride on The Melbourne Star

If you are visiting the Melbourne Docklands, then going up in the Melbourn Star is a must-do. For 36 dollars you can go for half an hour ride and take in the sky. You will not see all of Melbourne from there, though. It shows you the south-western side of the city. And it is probably best to do it late afternoon, as you can enjoy a beautiful view of Melbourne at sunset.


Enjoy the sunset in Melbourne from the Eureka Tower

It is another excellent option to see Melbourne from the air with its beautiful buildings, the botanical gardens and the south-end suburbs. I have been on the Eureka Tower a couple of years ago and loved the view over Melbourne at sunset. You can easily spend hours there, taking photographs of the city. My tip is to get there at least 1 hour before sunset to make the most of the light reflections.

Melbourne from Eureka Tower

Watch a Night Cinema

One of the favourite things to do among the locals is to watch a night cinema in summer. There are many locations where you can do it. In the CBD as well as in Melbourne’s suburbs. The most popular one is the Moonlight Cinema at the Melbourne Gardens, a magical place for open-air old and new movies. If you are alone in Melbourne and prefer a place in the city, the QV Cinema at the QV markets is the ideal place, for 16 Dollars ticket, a fun night guaranteed in the city heart.

If you love a particular place, then American express open-air cinema in St. Kilda is spot-on. If you are looking to spend a lovely Saturday night in Melbourne with fine dining, relaxing and watching top-notch movies beachfront, this is the place to be, either alone, or with a romantic partner.

Enjoy Melbourne in Summer

Summer is the best time to visit Melbourne, and if you plan to visit by yourself, over the summer months, there are many festivals and summer events to choose from. Here is a list of things to do in summer.

Take a Hot-Air-Balloon Flight

If you want to experience something unique and adventurous, a hot-air balloon ride is a different way of experiencing the city. On my hot-air-balloon trip over Melbourne, we couldn’t get close over the city, because of the wind conditions. However, we saw much of the beautiful surroundings and marvelled at Melbourne’s silhouette waking to a new day. It’s one of the best things to do in Melbourne in summer.


Popular Summer Events in Melbourne

Here is a list of the best events not to miss out if you are visiting Melbourne in Summer:

Australia Day 2015 Celebrations

  • Australia Day

    A top traditional cultural event celebrated all over Australia and in the world too. From the official flag-raising ceremony to the parade this event sees thousands of people coming together, proudly waving the Australian flag and celebrating one nationality. With the most vibrant culture and most diverse community of the world, the Australia Parade brings around 60 ethnic groups. Check out how Australia Day is celebrated around the world.

  • The Midsumma Festival

    This is a vibrant fun event in Melbourne organised by the LGBTI community. It starts on 16th January with the Carnival held at Alexandra Gardens, hosting over 120 stalls. Dances, performances, visual arts will entertain people for three weeks on the streets of Melbourne. The milestone of the Midsumma is the Pride March. On 31st January various groups walk from Fitzroy Sreet down to St. Kilda while singing, dancing and cheering their slogan in colourful bizarre costumes.

Melbourne Event Summer 2015

  • The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

    If you are visiting Melbourne in December, this event opens up to a month of cheerful events in Melbourne CBD. Next to the Christmas Tree, 11 city buildings, including the State Library, Melbourne Goal and Southgate, will be lit in the best Christmas Lights. On the Town Hall Building, there will be majestic light projections with entertaining stories.

Enjoy Night Events in Summer

Besides the various Outdoor Cinemas and Rooftop Bars, there are quite a few more events in summer worth checking out, here are two top-notch events:

  • The New Years Eve fireworks

    The New Years Eve Fireworks is the pearl of all festive Melbourne events. If you plan to visit Melbourne at the end of the year, make sure you don’t miss out on this. There are usually various locations in Melbourne where to watch them, on Southbank.

  • The White Night Melbourne

    It is probably Australia’s and Victoria’s most celebrated cultural event. Inspired by the international Nuit Blanche, it’s an all-night free cultural event. From visual art, music, films to various innovative performances from local and international artists, showcasing their work in parklands, laneways, museums and cultural halls of Melbourne.

Must-see Sports Events in Melbourne

Melbourne is a paradise for sports and sports events. From basketball to rugby, cricket, Australia League, tennis and many more, here are a couple of events worth seeing if you are visiting Victoria and Melbourne in summer.

Michela in Melbourne Basketball Arena Melbourne
Me watching a basketball match at Melbourne’s Arena
  • The Australian Open in January

    This is the most important summer sports event. For those passionate about tennis, this is an event not to miss out. I was lucky to be in Melbourne during The Australian Open in 2019 and loved it.

  • The F1 Grand Prix

    which takes place at the end of the summer, in March, is another great sport event in Melbourne that is held close to the city centre and see visitors coming from all over the world.

Visit the Best Melbourne Museums

Museums are always one of the best places to visit for tourists to learn more about the culture and history of a particular city. Melbourne has plenty of museums dedicated to culture, sports, music and medical achievements. I have visited many on my solo trips and listed down a few below, and you can try visiting one or a few of these depending on what interests you most.

My favourite Museum is the National Gallery of Victoria also known as NGV. This is the oldest and most visited museum in Australia. Even on a short visit or a weekend getaway, you must enter to admire the amazing stained glass ceiling, finished in 1968, it’s the largest stained glass ceiling in the world.

Visit the National Gallery in Melbourne

1. Melbourne Museum

This is the largest museum in the Southern hemisphere and surely lives up to its expectations. The museum is a natural and cultural history museum and is quite a touristy place in Melbourne. Here you can discover the origin of life in Victoria over 600 million years, look at some prehistoric creatures, and also explore the seas in the Science and Life Gallery, 

2. Immigration Museum

As the name suggests, it is a museum primarily displaying Australia’s immigration history, and thus explores Victoria and Australia’s multicultural identity. Along with documenting immigration history, the museum also hosts various travelling exhibitions. 

3. National Sports Museum

If you follow cricket or watch cricket matches, you must have heard of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Within the walls of this iconic cricket stadium, you can find the National Sports Museum which celebrates Australian Sport and also the history of MCG. The iconic place features the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame and Australian Football Hall of Fame. If you are lucky enough, you might even get to watch a game of cricket live.

Some more museums you can tour, are the Hellenic Museum, Grainger Museum, Medical History Museum and the Chinese Museum.

What to do around Melbourne

You don’t need to drive long distances, there are many places to see around Melbourne in its beautiful countryside. Melbourne is hard to beat for the variety of attractions that you can see and things you can do within a short and nice drive from the city.

Only one hour drive from Melbourne CBD you can taste wines, beer and drive through picturesque hills. With over 50 wineries in the Yarra Valley region and the most known offer on-site restaurants with wine-and-food-tastings and speciality food events throughout the year. It is a little paradise for food lovers.

Close nearby, you can also visit Healesville, the largest wildlife sanctuary in Southern Australia that I highly recommend if you want to see all native Australian animals.

Here is my selection with all day-trips you can do alone from Melbourne city.

Yarra Valley Tour Melbourne

These are all the best things to do in Melbourne when you travel alone and are by yourself. There are undoubtedly many more that you will discover on your visit. I suggest planning 3 to 5 days on your first visit. Here below a list of travel resources, I use to plan all my solo trips to Australia.

How to get to Melbourne from the Airport

If you fly into Melbourne Tullamarine airport, from any other city in Australia, the best and cheapest way to get into the city is to take the Skybus from the terminal 3 or 4, which are the domestic terminals. Sometimes you may also land into terminal 2 or 1 depending with which airline you fly. The Skybus ticket fare is 19.75 dollars for one way or 36.50 for a return ticket.

You can purchase the ticket at the digital machine and pay with a credit card, outside the arrivals, at the shuttle bus stop. It takes you to Southern Cross station in the CBD, and from there you can get a metro train ticket to get to your final destination. If you are travelling to Melbourne’s surroundings, more Skybus services ride to Southbank, St. Kilda, Docklands and more places. You find all information on their website here.

How to get around Melbourne

If you are planning to stay a couple of days in Melbourne, you are better off purchasing a 2-hour ticket for 4.50 dollars. But if you plan to stay longer, a good thing to do is to get a Myki card, if you plan to use public transport for getting around in and around Melbourne. Check all fares here.

You can also read more about the MyKi Card in my review of all the transport cards n Australia.

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The Best Things to do Alone in Melbourne


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