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Going alone is the best way of exploring new places and seeing the world. But while for many women, it may be something they would like to do, making the first step into the solo travel world can take a lot of courage to change your mindset, and effort to step out of your comfort zone.

Small Group Tours of Australia
Michela on Mount Oberon Summit, Wilsons Promontory

What are the Rocky Travel Tours all about?

My idea behind my solo travel groups is to guide you through this challenging step-by-step process and spur you to travel alone more consciously. My mission is to gear positive energy towards the tour members so that there are takeaways for your further solo adventures.

With +30 years of trips, I’ve gone through the highs and the lows of solo travel at different stages and know well the pros and cons of solo travel vs group travel.

My tours are all about bringing solo travellers together to experience places as a group, thus becoming more confident, grow our skills and be conscious about your travel choices.

Walking Solo Tours of Australia

My upcoming tour of Tasmania includes walking the Three-Capes-Track and Hobart’s surroundings. You must be used to hiking and have a good level of fitness to be able to join this group.

The Summit Mount Wellington Hobart

The upcoming Solo Travel Tours of Italy

On my Italy tours, I take you to the lesser-known and beautiful places of Italy, with a small group of a maximum of ten people. Sicily and The Dolomites are my core destinations, but I might add some more in the future.

The Best Of Sicily Round Trip

This Roundtrip takes you through the iconic landmarks as well as lesser-known gems. From small hilltop villages to hidden canyons regions and coastline sites, you will fully immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture with expert local guides. Group are of a maximum of 10 people.

Here you can see a short Video of our Sicily Tour in May 2019.

Ragusa Ibla Sicily

The Venice to the Dolomites Tour

This tour starts from Venice, takes you through the beautiful Prosecco Hills on a food and wine tour, shows you the landmarks of Vittorio Veneto with walking tours and a day hike in the Eastern Dolomites near Cortina.

View of Cortina from Croda da Lago

The Dolomites Hiking Trip in South Tyrol

This is a five day trip for the mountain lover who also loves good food and jazz music. We start our tour in South Tyrol, the northernmost region of Italy. Bolzano will be our getaway. Our 3-day hiking trip will be in the Puez Odle Nature Reserve, with a full immersion in ancient and spectacularly scenic mountains. There will also be a hut-to-hut hiking trip later on in September 2020.

What to do in the Puez Geisler Nature Park South Tyrol Italy

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