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The Essential Camping List for Australia

Tips for the Essential Camping List for Australia

Australia is a fantastic country for camping but without good preparation it can be a disastrous experience. It is essential to make a good research beforehand about your camping destinations and be well organized. Many campsites, in remote areas only offer basic facilities, so a camping checklist before hitting the road is essential to make sure you have packed everything with you!

On my recent trip to North Tropical Queensland I went on a solo camping adventure and have learnt the camping basics. I travelled with a small campervan and while most things were provided with the vehicle rental I had my own personal camping checklist.

The Essential Camping List in Australia

Why making a  camping checklist

Either campervan, camping in a tent, or sleeping in a swag there are so many things to think about before hitting the road. Every camping checklist vary depending on the destination, the season, the weather conditions as well as the length of the trip. I have put together this handy camping list to give you an insight and help you shape your own camping adventure in Australia.

Camping sleeping gear

Choose a lightweight and waterproof tent (a pop-up tent can be a good option if you travel solo) along with a self-inflating matress or a rubber mat. A good quality sleeping bag is essential when camping in a tent, pick one that best match weather conditions. A waterproof camping tarpaulin is another essential item that can be placed underneath the tent, to keep moisture away, or on top as an extra protection by rain. Likewise it can be used as a a wind or sun shelter.

Food & Cooking when Camping

  • An esky fridge and ice packs is essential to keep your food cool and in Australia when outdoors. I’d suggest a large to store food and a small portable one for hiking or for outdoor activities.
  • A 10 liter tank with drinking water that you can refill with filtered water at camping sites.
  • Cooking food when camping can be tricky as not all campsites offer kitchen facilities. So you may consider a reliable camp stove or grill. It is advisable to pack extra gas bottles for refill. Moreover camping crockery and cutlery are also necessary.
  • Consider buying a washing up tub, which is very handy on the road; you can purchase it for 10 dollars in supermarkets or camping gear shops.

Camping Clothes

Lightweight functional wear is what I pack for my outdoor adventure. For camping, good quality functional wear is a must, for comfort and excellent protection.

My preferred piece is a functional body-map that you can use for sleeping and as well as a layer for outdoor activities in cooler months. Here you can read more about what to wear when travelling in Australia.

10 Essential Camping gear

Her below 10 essential camping gear that I find very useful for camping in Australia.

  1. Lightweight fold-up table and chair.
  2. Floor brush.
  3. Torch (pack spare batteries too).
  4. Head lamp to use when going to the toilets at night or for night oudoor activities.
  5. Mozzie net as a protection against flies and mosquitos.
  6. A swiss-army knife.
  7. First aid kit with medicine, vitamins, antihistaminic tablets to combat allergy to insects bites.
  8. Good sunscreen.
  9. Paper towels for multi-use.
  10. Zip lock bags to store food.

In internet you can find useful resources about caravan and camping accessories for getting started with your camping adventure in Australia.

I hope this essential camping list is helping you while planning your camping trip in Oz. If you find it useful please share it with your friends

If you plan going to Australia and camping alone I’m sure this is an essential checklist for camping.