How to Pack For An Outdoor Adventure

My Australian Travels are focussed on Nature and Outdoor experiences. So, when it comes to preparing my Australia trip I know how to pack for an Outdoor Adventure. I usually spend 75% of my time in the outdoors, 10% walking and exploring cities, and 10% visiting art exhibitions and attending events.

With this activity breakdown in mind, my first priority for packing luggage is to meet the threshold of 15 kg of weight. Over the years I have been trying out several types of luggage, from a 55-litre backpack – in my first solo backpacking adventure – to a wheeled hard suitcase, to a wheeled soft bag. The latter is what suits most of my travel style and what I fall in love with.

How to pack for an Outdoor Adventure in Australia

For my first Australia trips, I used my beloved Deuter Backpack. On my first trip I set off with 10 kg Backpack, and I simply loved it. However, I have stopped using my backpack, because of my back health. Three years ago I switched to a hard suitcase for the first time, but it proved to be pretty much a disaster. I left home overpacked and after a few weeks, I was struggling not to exceed 20 kg of weight. In addition, carrying around such a bulky suitcase was definitely not a good idea. A lesson learnt.

Last year I used for the first time a Samsonite Duffle Bag and that was the hit. It’s easy to pack and unpack, and fabulous for my outdoor adventures in Australia. With my Samsonite Duffle Bag, I manage to meet the weight threshold of 15 kg, which is great. Additionally, the bag has an all-round zip that allows opening along both sides, so I can easily find what I need, without having to rummage through the bag. And it’s extremely practical to carry around.

You can take a look of the type of Samsonite Wheeled Duffle Bagrel= – it’s not exactly the same – I use for all my Outdoor Adventures.

Samsonite Duffle Bag
Samsonite Duffle Bag

My Packing checklist for any Outdoor Adventure

This is what I do when I pack for an outdoor adventure. I would try to leave behind as many outdoor accessories as you can, bearing in mind that you may be using them only once, it would be more sensible to hire them on the spot.

  • Make a list of the Outdoor adventures you plan to do in Australia. Add time frame, place and climate conditions for each adventure, as these are important details for your packing list.
  • Map out your Outdoor Adventures by dividing your packing list into 3 main categories: outdoor wear, outdoor shoes and outdoor accessories. Within these 3 categories create the subcategories relevant to your activities, like camping, hiking, surfing, kayaking, etc.
  • Pack functional wear and avoid using cotton clothes, because it absorbs moisture. Functional wear has many advantages, it’s breathable, it wicks dampness away, it’s quick-drying and easy care. I love the super lightweight and this is why I only use functional wear for my outdoor adventures in Australia.
  • Bring walking shoes or comfortable hiking boots and a pair of strappy sandals with the profiled sole. They must be breathable, water-resistant and most important, they must be light and comfortable. I have been using for years my Timberland boots and loved them. They weigh the same like running shoes, and they don’t take much space!
  • Only bring with you the necessary accessories. I am a bit obsessed with outdoor accessories and tend to pack far too many, and I must admit I often end up not using them. But being on the road alone I always fear not to have everything that I need with me. What I pack are a hard plastic water bottle, a small airtight food container and a swiss army knife, I don’t use it much but having it with me makes me feel safer. Moreover, I take with me a small night lamp, a head lamp, and a mini-pocket medical kit.

Virtual Packing List for an Outdoor Adventure in Australia

On this info graphic here below you can see the complete list of outdoor accessories that I pack, along with my favourite outdoor clothes and outdoor shoes.

How do you pack for your Outdoor Adventures? Do you have any tips to add to this list? Leave your comment here below.

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How to pack for an outdoor adventure