How to Pack Luggage For Travel

Australia Flight booked? Travel Visa granted? Ready to go to Australia? Yeah! Now it’s time to think about packing luggage for the Australia trip!

Here I have a confession to make. I do not like packing luggage, for me it’s like one of those boring travel chores that I leave to the very last minute. Besides that I am obsessed with packing light, so sometimes I need to work hard to be able to keep my suitcase to a minimum weight. Travelling in Australia means going from place to place every few days carrying around heavy luggage is not really ideal.

Over many years of solo travel in Australia, I have tested out different types of luggage that have helped develop a packing style that works well in many circumstances.Savvy Packing Luggage for travelling Australia

Packing for travel is definitely an art that you can only learn by doing it over and over again. Testing out things, adjusting them to your personal needs and tweaking them till you find what works well for you. The more you travel the better for developing your own personal travel packing style.

How to pack luggage efficiently

I started travelling to Australia with a small Deuter Backpack that I loved. I no longer use a backpack for my travels though, due to back pain issues. After using a suitcase for many years I have now switched to one travel bag and one daypack.

On this post, I give you my best tips on how to pack light and be in control of your luggage all the time.

Travel Packing Style

How to pick the right type of luggage that matches your travels

This may seem trivial, but it’s key. I know what it means travelling around Australia with a bulky suitcase, carrying it all over the places and facing baggage allowances.

By choosing the appropriate type of luggage, the packing will become easy. If you plan to go hiking and being in the outdoors then a backpack is ideal for the type of travel. If you instead plan to stay at a beach resort and go shopping and sightseeing all the time, a suitcase can be a good choice. If you plan to be active in the outdoors, but also visit cities, the beach consider a travel bag on wheels. For my travels, I use something similar to these wheeled travel Bags.

On this post, you can read about the pros and cons of suitcase versus backpack.

Travel with max 2 pieces of lightweight luggage

The goal is to keep luggage to the minimum. Let’s say one main piece of luggage which can be a suitcase, a travel bag or a backpack and one handbag or a daypack. Try to pack all the things you need into the main piece of luggage and keep the small bag or daypack for the day-to-day explorations. I highly recommend you to use one piece of luggage on wheels and one that you carry on you, like a backpack or a sling-pack.

This will allow you to move around freely without bulky luggage and first and foremost it allows hands-free movements. While you use one hand to carry the wheeled-luggage you have one free hand to move around comfortably. By doing so you have better control of your personal belongings too.

How to pack light for travel

Packing light is probably the most difficult part. We all naturally tend to pack things that we never use. While it is almost impossible not to pack things that are not used on your travels, try to keep them to a minimum. Become creative by choosing multi-purpose garments, prefer lightweight wear like functional wear. It’s a good investment if you travel often. By re-using things like bags and resizing toiletries in smaller containers, it will save space and weight.

It is important to choose travel wear wisely and know what to pack when travelling to Australia.

My personal packing list does not exceed 12-15 kg on long term travels and 8 kg on short trips. Set your personal goal and work around it. Making mistakes along the way is gold and the best way to learn.

Choosing ultralight luggage is also essential for managing weight when travelling in Australia.

Switch over to the travel mode

While creating a personal travel packing list switch to the travel mode. The same when we switch our phone to flight mode, automatically the phone is set on basic functions while the advanced functions are turned off. The same applies when you travel. Learn to turn off those things you do not necessarily need when travelling by switching to what I call, the minimalist travel mode.

A good way to get started with the minimalist travel packing mode is to cut by 50-65% on your first choice. Make a list of all clothes that you usually wear on weekdays and on your spare time, for each item pick 3 and then out of this list just pick one item. Another good thing is to pack mostly clothes that are multi-functional or can be easily combined with other items.

Packing luggage and feeling comfortable

Efficient travel packing does not mean depriving yourself of the things you like most. Creating a priority packing list with the things that makes you feel comfortable is the first step towards developing a personal travel packing style that works. Packing with purpose is key by keeping a clear focus on the type of travel you will undertake and also your personal needs.

Finally, packing is personal and cannot be transferred from one person onto another with a simple copy and paste click.

We can take travel packing tips to try them out and tweak them to find the perfect fit with our personality and our style.


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Tips for packing luggage for Australia