Packing Tips for Australia – How to travel light

Travel light in Australia is key for your trip enjoyment. These packing tips for Australia will help you minimise luggage weight and choose the right things to pack for the kind of trip you want to do. Travelling in Australia means spending a lot of time on the road, changing places and accommodation, going through different climate zones, so that packing, unpacking and packing again will be very much part of your daily routine. That’s why I have put together these packing luggage tips that aim to help you travel light without lugging around unnecessary weight.

We all strive to pack as light as we can because we want to travel to Australia without the stress of carrying heavy and bulky luggage. When travelling to Australia, there are many baggage weight allowances and restrictions you should know. But packing is one of those skills that we need to learn, tweak and master until we develop that natural art of preparation.

Packing tips for travelling light in Australia

Before going deeper into how to start packing for Australia, you can check out the pros and cons of suitcase versus backpack to get an idea on features, advantages and disadvantages of both types of luggage. The second step is to choose the right kind of baggage that most suits your travel style and needs.

How to learn the art of packing light for Australia

Although you can learn some basic and straightforward packing tips, packing depends on our personal needs and lifestyle that change over the years. So the best way to develop the art of packing light is by testing out different ways on various trips. From each trip, we learn new things that we can implement on future travels. By picking new ideas and dropping old ones (that do not work any more) and experiencing them till you can transform them into your packing ritual that ultimately works well for all trips (or almost all).

I have compiled and Australia Packing List that will help you achieve a hassle-free-way for travelling to Australia, thus increasing the degree of freedom for moving about quickly and handling unexpected situations. Here below my best packing tips for Australia that will show you how to pack light.

Packing Tips for Australia
Learn how to pack light for Australia

1. Tips on how to choose the right type of travel bag

If you are still debating on Backpack or Suitcase, after reading the pros and cons article you might have clear your doubts. How do you feel about it? Choose the type of luggage according to the degree of comfort, if you are not sure, try to find out more about it, start figuring out how your trip will look like and do this exercise:

  • List the places you plan to stay. The more locations, the more you need to pack and unpack.
  • Which areas you will visit. Outback, tropical forest, beach, cities.
  • List all type of transportation means. Self-driving or public transport or both?
  • What activities you plan. The more you get outdoors, the more you move around.
  • The number of bags and weight you can carry about. And walk comfortably.

If you are planning to spend your time in the Outdoors, then you may need some packing tips for an Australian Adventure.

2. Tips for choosing the size of luggage

As for the size of the bags, here a few tips to help you select the right one:

  • Choose a backpack that suits your body shape, weight and height

    An example: if you are thin, 165cm tall, weigh 45kg, get a 50-60 litres backpack, that would be ideal for your body structure. Fill the pack with max 10-12kg, while travelling you will naturally add 2-3 kg to it, try not to exceed 15kg to avoid overloading your back.

    Pick a medium-sized suitcase on wheels

    Any larger size will rob your energy and mobility. Pack the suitcase to max 2/3 of its capacity.

  • Take one piece of hand-luggage only

    It can be a day-backpack or a handbag. This year I started using a multi-purpose pack from Pacsafe.

    Here you can read about my Pacsafe Venturesafe 25l review. If you prefer a carry-on bag as cabin luggage, then I would pick a duffle bag.

    Check out this fantastic duffle bag from Timberland 22 inches

3. How to pack for Australia with a savvy mindset

The first dilemma we face is what to pack and what to wear when travelling in Australia? We all naturally tend to pack more than what we need and use maybe 2/3 of packed things or even less. The first skill for savvy packing is a selection. Personal needs vary from person to person so that here is good to start from a packing list template that will help you develop your packing list ritual.

  • Think of main category items and build your list within these categories. Main categories are:1. Wear and Underwear.
    2. Shoes.
    3. Toiletries and cosmetics.
    4. Gear and travel accessories.
    5. Technology.
  • Make a list of clothes that it’s easy to adjust regarding colours and function. Example: pick t-shirt+shorts that can be extended to long trousers, likewise take a vest that you can wear on top of t-shirts. Use wind-and-rain-jacket in one item that can be turned into a warm jacket by adding a fleece vest.
  • Choose clothes with similar shades of colours for better combination and washing too.
    Check out my selected Amazon Shop Items for travel wear
  • Pack multi-use clothes like a bandana or a Sarong and a body map.
  • Prefer functional clothes instead of regular clothes. They not only protect you from the sun, wind and rain, but they are also way too practical regarding quick wash and dry, and they are lightweight too. Check out these latest functional clothes.
Savvy Packing Tips Australia
Savvy Packing Tips Australia

4. How to reduce at least 30% weight from your packing list

It is a packing skill that you will learn gradually, the more you travel, the better you will become with this because on the go, you will experience different things and new ideas on how to cut off unnecessary weight. Here a  few tips for reducing at least 50% of packing weight:

  • Use only sample bottles for cosmetics.
  • Repackage liquids and gels in multisized containers (20-100ml), instead of large bottles.
  • Leave at home non-essential items that you can get when the necessity arises.
  • Possibly do not pack more than three pairs of shoes, as an example:1. Walking Shoes or Hiking Boots.
    2. Sandals or flip-flops.
    3. Sneakers or Running Shoes.

5. How to eliminate unnecessary volume from your luggage

Some clothes and personal items are too voluminous and take too much space in our backpack or our suitcase. There are a few things that you can do here:

  • Replace big stuff like cotton towels with microfibre towels or viscose jumpers.
  • Pack a travel bathrobe that is very useful if you go backpacking and stay in hostels.
  • Use transparent nylon ziplock bags to store clothes and take the air out of it.
  • Never pack folded clothes. Learn to pack unfolded clothes on even layers.
  • Use hygienic bags for packing underwear.

I hope these packing tips give you some ideas and guidelines for making your savvy packing list for Australia.

Packing light for travelling to Australia will help you reduce stress and save you time by packing and unpacking all the times. It will give you more freedom of moving about quickly and fast on buses, trains and airports. It will save you energy, and finally, it will provide you with the comfort of feeling at home.

Tell us about your personal experience with packing tips for Australia. If you can share helpful packing tips, feel free to add your comment here below.

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23 Packing Tips for travelling light

Packing Tips for Australia - How to pack light for your Australia Trip

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