The Best Walking Holidays For Solo Travellers

If you are planning your next trip as a solo traveller, you may want to go on a solo walking holiday. For many people who are not familiar with travelling alone, joining walking groups is indeed a great way to get started.

Walking in nature has many health benefits: it helps declutter your mind, detox from digital life and also from the daily humdrum. Furthermore, it is also a fantastic way of socialising and meet new friends. If you travel with other solo travellers that share the same values and goals, it makes it easier to create bonds and relationships. Especially when you are over 50 with fewer or no companions to travel with.

The Best Walking Tours for Solo Travellers in Italy and Australia

Walking Group Tours for Solo Travellers

How do you get started with walking trips?

I think you should ask yourself why you want to join a tour in the first place. Walking completely alone and walking in a group tour is an entirely different activity with a different purpose. A guided walking group is safer, possibly more organised and gives you more peace of mind. Wheres walking completely by yourself implies a higher knowledge of the trail, the region and also it projects you into a completely different perspective. You will be alone all the time.

There are tons of walking tours for active people. Usually, they target people’s age or interests, or genders. There are many tours for 40-50-year-old travellers that are geared towards the same level of fitness and kind of benefits, pace and expectations. And there are women’s’ only tours too.

Active Holidays for over 50s Solo Travellers

The size of the group is also something important. Joining a small group gives you a more intimate atmosphere. While it’s way easier to manage a small group, you are also likely to get to know all your tour mates, whereas a large group can get more complicated, in many ways. I recommend going on walking holidays with a small group of 15 maximum to make the most of your walking adventure.

Solo walking holiday for over 50

If you are over 50 and love going on guided walking trips, joining a small group of like-minded single travellers may be a great idea. Many of the best tour companies offer multiple destinations with great walking itineraries. From local trails to overseas short breaks and multi-weeks walking holidays.

If you like to join a small group run by locals and explore places that you wouldn’t get to know without the help of a local tour guide, choose a local company versus a big one.

If you love to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean climate and relish the spectacular mountain landscape, there are a few walking tours that I’d like to suggest to join.

They are great, for many reasons. First of all, I have personally created them, and secondly, I plan and organise them with the help of locally owned individual operators. So there are no big tour companies behind my tours. Here they are in a short overview.

Hiking Trips for solo travellers over 50

Walking and hiking go hand-in-hand. While walking is an outdoor activity that you can do in town and city parks, hiking is more extensive walking in mountain and coastal landscapes. There are many types of hiking tours, some including climbing and some don’t. My trips are easy walking trails that everyone can do. Also, beginners are welcome. No climbing is involved in my tours.

Solo Travel Croatia walking Tour on Krk Island

Small Walking Group Tour of Krk Island Croatia in September 2019

This is a highlight if you love swimming and hiking. This small Dalmatian Krk Island is a jewel, and because of its vicinity to Northeast Italy, (1.5-hour drive from Trieste, it’s a great opportunity for solo travellers. I offer it as a combo tour, i.e. we will be visiting Trieste on 1.5 days and then head to Baska Croatia, where we will be going walking on four-day tours. Expect dramatic lunar landscape of the Karst plateau, and superb swimming at the small beaches and secluded bays.

Here is why you will love Baska in Croatia.

Walking Tour on Krk Island Croatia

Guided Walking Tour of the Dolomites

This tour is a guided tour for solo travellers who love hiking in the Dolomites in summer.

We have been hiking in South Tyrol in the Northern Dolomites with a soft start in Bolzano on occasion of the South Tyrol Jazz Festival 2019. So we will combine some walks and some excellent food tastings while listening to Jazz Concerts in the mountains.

▶️ Here is my South Tyrol Hiking Trip

Dolomites Small Group Hiking Tour

Women’s’ only Group Tour of  Venice and its surroundings

Here I have restricted the participants to female solo travellers only as we will be staying in a shared dorm in a mountain hut on one night. If you love to explore lesser-known, yet unique sites of Venice and its beautiful surroundings, this is a fantastic tour. It takes you to the Prosecco Hills near Vittorio Veneto and also to the Eastern Dolomites for a hike near Cortina.

Here are the details of this Walking Trip from Venice to the Dolomites.

▶️ Check out the Venice to the Dolomites

Guided Walking Tours for Solo Travellers in Italy

More Walking Tours of Australia

All of my trips are small groups tours for over 40s and 50s. I also plan some walking tours for women-only groups.  If you travel solo and love the idea of joining group trips for solo travellers, watch out this space for the upcoming Australia Small Group Tours.

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The Best Walking Tours for solo travellers over 50 to Italy and Australia