Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

Enjoying the Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

On my solo trips around Australia, Port Macquarie was my final destination before arriving in Brisbane. Port Macquarie is a beautiful seaside town, a top-rated destination for nature walks. The area stretches around a magnificent coastline and river system allowing various kind of trails.

Port Macquarie Coastal Walk

The Port Macquarie coastal walk starts at Town beach and ends at the Lighthouse Beach. On this 9km coastal walk, you go through headlands, rocky formations, sandy beaches, little bays, as well as stretches of rainforest.

I love the outdoors, and for me walking in nature is the best way of discovering a new place. When I got there autumn was setting in with sunny, warm days, rainy evenings and chilly nights. I was fortunate to complete this long walk without getting wet.

Where to start the Port Macquarie Coastal walk

Usually, people start the 9km Port Macquarie coastal walk from Town Beach, heading south to Tacking Point Lighthouse. I instead started the walk from the southern end at Lighthouse Beach. There is a bus that takes you to the Lighthouse Beach from the city. Unless you want to walk both ways, you need public transport to get back to town, but buses may not often ride in the afternoon. I think it is better to start the walk from the southern end. Consider 3-4 hours, as you will make stops along the beach.

Lighthouse Beach and Tacking Point Lighthouse

My starting point of the Port Macquarie coastal walk was the Lighthouse Beach and Tacking Point Lighthouse. I spent a long time there taking photos, soaking in the ocean breeze and chatting with a fellow solo traveller I met on the beach. I love the Lighthouse beach in Port Macquaire, it is very peaceful, the ideal place for an energetic walk in the morning as well as for clearing up the mind.

Lighthouse Beach PhotoTacking Point Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie


From Miners Beach to Shelly Beach

From Tacking Point Lighthouse take the staircase to a little bay to then reach Miners beach, a small pretty beach with rugged boulders scattered along the shore.

Miners Beach Photo

Nobby’s Beach and Nobby Head Obelisk to Flynns Beach

From Miners Beach, the walk meanders through a rainforest headland over to Nobby’s Beach and Nobby Head. This is another beautiful stretch of the 9km Port Macquarie Coastal Walk. You can also climb up the stairs to Nobby Head for a majestic view over the ocean.

Nobbys Beach Photo

Take a break at Flynns Beach

Flynns Beach is a long stretch of sandy beach, popular among swimmers and surfers. Moreover, there is a picnic area in the park to enjoy a break with an ocean view. I also stopped there to have my breakfast. It had rained just before, and the sky was covered with dark clouds. A giant rainbow was marking the horizon.

Surfing Flynns Beach

From Rocky Beach and Windmill hill Lookout to Town Beach

Crossing the Flynns beach you reach Rocky Beach and the Windmill Lookout from which you can enjoy a gorgeous view from the southern to the northern part of the coast. After descending the steps that lead to Oxley Beach, you keep walking and reach Town Beach. You have reached the final part of the Port Macquarie Coastal Walk.

Town Beach Port Macquaire

The painted rocks of the Breakwall at Town Beach

Town Beach is the most popular beach in Port Macquarie as it is the hub for many activities. From surfing, yoga and exercise on the beach, to running and biking as well as a family gathering with picnic area and kids playground. The highlight of this beach is the coloured rocks that make up the break wall, along the entrance to the Hastings River. This is a photo of the walkway.

Painted Rocks at the Breakwall

An attraction for both locals and visitors who come here every summer is seeking a rock to paint with their message and artwork.

Painted Rocks Breakwall
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