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The Warrego River in Cunnumulla

Water is the lifeblood of Cunnumulla. The Warrego River and the underground Great Artesian Basin can be considered the cornerstones of the outback town Cunnumulla, the focal points that over decades ensured prosperity to Cunnumulla and its people and contributed to the growth and developement of the surrounding outback region. I was so impressed of how Cunnumulla unfolded its hidden beauty in manifold aspects.


The Warrego River

I remember the day when I arrived in Cunnumulla, after a long night train journey on the Westlander. After dropping off my luggage at the hotel right in the town centre, the loud screeching of corellas and galahs attracted me towards them, a short walk, past the Tourist Information Office I had reached the Warrego River Banks. Majestic gum trees branches sticking out of water with clustered birds singing in the sunset colours and huge flocks of colourful birds on the grassy fields. It was an amazing natural concert hall. And this was the perfect scenery for a sunset cruise on the Warrego River. Although from the river banks the view was pretty spectacular a river cruise would have been the best thing to do to fully soak in the sunset atmosphere.

The Warrego River in Cunnumulla

What can you do on the Warrego River

The Warrego River offers plently of activities,  you can explore the beautiful Warrego River Walk, go on a sunset cruise and a fishing tour, or simply enjoy the gorgeous scenery with its colours and its tranquil environment. Or take a short drive to the Allan Tannock Weir where you can spot lots of species of birds and wildlife drinking from the river banks.

The Allan Tannock Weir

On the following day I was off on a day Town Tour and the Allan Tannock Weir was part of it. I really enjoyed the drive and the peacefulness that reigns in this natural area is simply amazing. The Tannock Weir was built in 1991 to provide water to the landholders in Cunnummulla and its surrounds. It has a capacity of over 4000megalitres. There is also a park with a recreational area, including BBQ, boat ramp and lovely huge shady trees. like the ones you can view in the pictures.

The Tannock Weir up close.




The Warrego River Walk

This beautiful walk, just outside the town centre, takes you along the river banks and flood plains so as to admire the natural beauty of the river, the nude artistic gum trees sticking out its deep coffee coloured waters. Along the walk path you will come to some boards with interesting information about the rich flora and fauna of the area. Here below some photos that speaks for themselves.


Warrego_River_2 Warrego_River_3
Warrego_River_4 Warrego_River_5


To cross the rivers there is a the Darby Land Bridge which was built in 1955 to replace the old timber bridge which was subject to flooding. The new bridge is built 11 meters height and has also a bike and walking path on one side all across the bridge.


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