13 Photos of Cable Beach Broome

Cable Beach is the most iconic beach of Broome. Located on the North Western Australia coast, Broome is a peninsula surrounded by water where you can witness the sun rise as well go down on water.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, to this stunning view from the aircraft on my arrival in Broome. The water was so intense turquoise. Indeed a promising view that didn’t disappoint.

Broome from the air

Broome has many beautiful beaches dotted with ancient red rocks, white sands and deep blue water. Broome weather and tides shape its beaches and the coastline during the day by exposing hundreds of millions years old rocks and fossils and creating a picture-perfect scenery at sunrise and sunset.

Broome Surrounded by water

I love Broome. I believe that this place could become the gateway, not only to the Kimberley but also to Western Australia and Northern Australia. At present there are no incoming direct international flights though, so the only way to access Broome is within Australia. You can fly from the closest cities of Darwin and Perth or any other Australian city and town. Airfare are expensive though, around 250 AUD one way from Perth. So try to book your flight as early as possible to get a flight at a reasonable price.

Cable Beach Broome

Cable Beach is one of the most famous Australian Beaches for its long stretch of white sands. The beach can be accessed by 4WD or motorbike on the southern end. By low tide you can walk up to Gantheaume point or start your walk there at sunrise if you want to spot the 350 mio old dinosaur footprints. This is a beautiful walk you can do in the dry season from April to September when Broome weather and temps are bearable.

Broome Red Rocks

On my recent trip to Broome I had the pleasure to stay in a lovely budget accommodation, only 5 minutes walk to Cable Beach. This is a photo essay of Cable beach, captured throughout my stay.

Cable Beach Swim

You can swim at Cable Beach from April to September only, in the dry months. In the wet months is a no-go beach for swimmers due to the nasty stingers in the water. I had been in Broome before,  in 2008, and could remember how devoid of people the beach was. I was surprised that there were no people swimming outside the flags at Cable Beach. In the water there may be sharks and crocs too, so beware!

Cable Beach by Day

Cable Beach 4WD adventure

The southern end of the Beach is open to all 4WD vehichles and motorbikes. If you plan to drive onto the Beach, make sure you get there early to enjoy the sunset, and get a good spot. It gets very busy.

Driving on Cable Beach

It was good fun sitting on the beach, watching people setting up their sunset viewing point with beach gear, picnic tables and foldable chairs!

Cable Beach Broome
A camel ride on Cable Beach is a classic in Broome. And a lovely scenery for taking photos.

Cable Beach Camel Ride

Cable Beach Sunset

Sunset is around 5.30-5.40 (beginning of August). However for the best sunlight you need to get there at least one hour before the sun goes down. The beach scenery changes with the light reflections and pastel colours paint Cable beach with soft nuances of orange, pink, yellow. As you can see from these photos, it’s sunningly beautiful.

Cable Beach Sunset Colours

Cable Beach get active at Sunset

Sunset it’s the time when people get active and flock to Cable beach for a stroll, a swim, workout, a picnic, playing music, or just for chill out on the grass with a cool drink, while watching the sun go down.

Cable Beach Sunset Colours

Cable Beach sunsets are very rich in colour and very unique. Every evening you are going to experience a different sunset scenery, a different environment and different light reflections. Here below just a few captures from three different evenings.

Golden light reflections at Cable Beach.

Golden Sunset Cable Beach

Orange Sunset with a dash of pink.

Cable Beach Sunset Colours

When the sun goes down at Cable Beach, colours become intense. The golden light embraces the deep blue ocean.

Broome Sunset at Cable Beach

I really loved my time in Broome at Cable Beach. I found this place, a very inspiring and welcoming beach, calming and energetic at the same time. I liked because it offers people the opportunity to experience the beach as they want, in a very relaxing scenery.

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