Where To Eat In Australia When Travelling Around The Country

Australia is a great place for a food experience. The variety of genuine foods along with the rich multi-cultural background make of Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney a mecca for food and wine lovers. What if you are not a foodie? Don’t worry you will be tempted to try out the tasty and creative Australian food all the times!

 Australia Coffee Culture
Coffee Culture in Australia

Australia has a great food culture. You don’t need to go to expensive places to eat good food, as there are many places where you can experience genuine, authentic food without breaking the bank. Here is the full list of places.

Places to eat in Australian Cities

Food Courts – On the go

Food courts in shopping malls are very popular places offering fresh global and local food. Here you can literally find any type of food from a wide choice of Asian and Mediterranean and Arabic food to vegetarian and raw food for a quick hot meal whilst touring the city or shopping. My pick is Southbank Food Mall in Melbourne. The average cost is from 10-25 dollars.

Food Courts Australia
Food Courts Australia

Food Markets – A sensorial experience

In Australia, food markets are a real institution. They blend in the local with the global food offer and make it to a great food experience. You can spend hours walking around the stalls and taking in the colourful multi-ethnic atmosphere. Food markets are my favourite places to eat in Australia as they are rich in sounds, colour, smells and characters. They often offer hands-on courses or food workshops, so it’s really worth planning some time there. One of the iconic food markets in Australia is Mindl beach Sunset Market in Darwin. Have you ever seen a giant shrimp?

Lederville Fish Market
Giant Shrimps from Fish Market, Leederville, Perth

In Melbourne the South Melbourne Markets, in Adelaide, the Central Markets are my favourite. Arts and crafts markets are usually held on weekends and on events and are a great way to experience street food.

Read more about 4 Australian Markets Wherever you are don’t miss out on farmers’ market to taste the local produce.  If you are heading to South Western Australia, you must visit Margaret River, one of the best food regions of Australia.

Street Food Australia
Street Food Australia, Southbank Melbourne

Street Cafés – The trendy experience

If you plan a day exploring Sydney’s Bondi Beach or St. Kilda in Melbourne there is no better place to eat at one of the many street cafés for great food and coffee in a trendy setting, from vintage to modern design.

Street Cafés Australia
Trendy Street Cafés Australia

Restaurants – Top-notch food

If you rave about Italian Food go to Lygon Street or Fitzroy for the finest restaurants and top-notch food in Melbourne. The Lanes and Arcades are the pulse of the city and offer great (hidden) places to eat when walking through Melbourne’s heart. The same for Adelaide, check out Gouger Street for fine Asian and Australian cuisine. A meal in a good restaurant starts at 50-60 dollars.

Fine Australian Food
Fine Australian Food at Gaucho’s Restaurant, Adelaide

Places to eat when on the road

Outback Hotels – Basic Outback Food

If the Australian cities have endless places to eat when travelling in the Outback you will experience food in a different way. On isolated areas, the only places where you can eat is at fuel stations or in outback hotels, which are usually pubs and offer a standard menu with heavy, filling food. You can eat steaks, hamburger, potatoes to fish & chips, the what I call “truck-drivers-food”. In outback townships, you can eat good local food, experience a real outback barbecue and taste locally grown meats, beef, lambs, chicken and more. Read about my food experience in Queensland’s Outback.

Outback Hotel Food
Outback Hotel Food

What if you don’t eat meat? Shop before hitting the road and pack your own food.  More on where to buy food in Australia in the upcoming posts. For now, check out how to stay healthy and eat the right food when travelling around Australia.